Saturday, November 21, 2015

School and Swimming

I'm getting all caught up and it feel good!!!
The rest of our November was mostly school and swimming and then repeat :-).
For our yearbook this year each class is having a fun class picture that we take on their class page so I went up to the school a couple times to help with those...the bonus is that then I have copies of them for myself :)!
Addie's 3rd grade class
Preston's 1st grade class
The weekend of the 14th Ella had her first big swim meet of the season and it was the first time I got to watch her swim as well. She did the Katy Aquatics scrimmage in early October (and I had to go to shoots before she swam), but then got really sick the weekend her group went to another meet that month. I was working all the weekend of the 1000 free, so she only did that one race on Friday night and then we came to this meet the next weekend instead. She was a little bummed to not have all her buddies there but Grammy was able to come cheer for her on Saturday and got to help us time the 500 Free which was fun. I always love being right down by the water for those long ones. Being at the bottom of her age group again (young 11 in the 11-12's) takes some getting used to after being at the top all summer but she did get one ribbon and was thrilled! It wasn't her best meet, but overall she did well and we are looking forward to her fall champs meet in December.
we had a long time to wait for her first race on Saturday morning
(and it was a lot of swimming that day...200 Breaststroke, 200 IM and 500 Free)
200 Breaststroke
3:09.70 (8th/24)

talking with Coach Val after her race
200 IM
2:53.64 (13th/38)

preston with one of his 5 new friends of the day :-)
500 Free
6:43.01 (10th/29)
100 Breast
1:31.96 (17th/46)

50 Free
32.63 (38th/70)

200 Free
2:35.00 (27th/53)

After two days of swim meets these kids deserved a bike ride and some park time! Addie did this hanging upside down trick and when Preston tried it he scared himself so badly! Silly Preston :-)
This little guy has two books with him everywhere he goes right now.
Christmas duet practice
We stopped to visit Grammy and Greatfrog and their neighbor's son was there with his firetruck and was so nice showing them everything.
Ella's been waiting for the perfect movie to use her birthday date to the Alamo on and today (21st) was the day!

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