Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Swim Meet Weekend...again

The weekend of December 4th was Ella's fall champs meet. We were at a pool that was relatively close to our house which was so nice! She had a great meet overall, taking off time in all but one race (especially impressive since she just swam a lot of these races 3 weeks ago) and surprising us with a great 100 Fly time. Nana and Grandad were able to come out for her races on Saturday and the weather was amazing so we squeezed in some park time in the afternoons when we got home!
For the record, her swims and results...
500 Free
seed time: 6:43.01
this meet: 6:36.73
200 Free
seed time: 2:35.00
this meet: 2:33.53
(bottom lane)
100 Breast
I totally missed this race! This meet had two pools going so things moved quickly.
seed time: 1:31.96
this meet: 1:30.74
100 Fly
seed time: 1:29.68
this meet: 1:21.63
(2nd from bottom)
200 IM
seed time: 2:53.64
this meet: 2:51.79
(3rd from top)
100 Back
seed time: 1:27.57
this meet: 1:25.23
(3rd from top)
50 Breast
seed time: 40.79
this meet: 41.75
(2nd from top)

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