Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Eve Party Time

Christmas Eve morning we started out with our big family photo shoot and then all headed for some brunch at Black Walnut. It had been a busy few days so having some down time at home after that was really nice. We played a family game of Monopoly and no one cried so it was a success haha! Before we knew it we were off to my parent's house for our yummy Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange. All the pictures that night are from Cheryl, who always captures the evening so well. Then it was back home to carry out our family traditions before getting everyone in bed to wait for Santa's arrival!
Christmas 2015-42
Christmas 2015-45
Christmas 2015-46
Christmas 2015-49
Christmas 2015-52
Christmas 2015-64
Christmas 2015-70
Christmas 2015-71
Christmas 2015-72
Christmas 2015-73
Christmas 2015-75
Christmas 2015-77
Christmas 2015-79
Christmas 2015-81
Christmas 2015-82
Christmas 2015-91
Christmas 2015-99
Christmas 2015-103
Christmas 2015-104
Christmas 2015-105
Christmas 2015-109
Christmas 2015-110
Christmas 2015-112
Christmas 2015-115
Christmas 2015-116
Christmas 2015-117
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