Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Addie at age NINE

Time is just flying by and Adeline is already NINE years old! I think I say this every year, but I really do feel like she has matured so much over the last year. She has always been a sensitive little soul but she continues to gain control of her emotions as she gets older and overall is doing so much better.
 Addie loves the outdoors, animals, art and most recently Pokemon. She likes to be "healthy" but doesn't love sports ;-) even though she is a natural when she puts the tiniest amount of effort in. She continues to play the piano, take art classes and swims. 
Addie is still happiest in her room creating things. Earlier in the year it was all about the rainbow loom and she came up with some insanely awesome animals. As her love of Pokemon has grown she tends to spend most her free time drawing them and writing books about them. She still doesn't love reading although every once in awhile she will become obsessed with a book...always a nonfiction selection, like an encyclopedia of wild animals. The only TV show she watches regularly is Odd Squad on PBS because she really spends most her time in her room or perched in a tree in the backyard. Whether it is creating a minecraft store, making up a game outside to play with Preston, or writing a Pokemon comic strip, her brain is always working on something new. I wish I had even an ounce of her creativity. 
She is one smart cookie and her report cards are always full of 99's and 100's. I am SO curious to see what she ends up wanting to do as she gets older because her possibilities are endless. Addie isn't always the easiest to be friends with but she has a good little group of close friends who appreciate her unique ideas and are patient with her even when she isn't with them. I think moving into the older primary group at church has really helped her have better behavior on Sundays and at school she has really done well this year. I believe her social skills will continue to improve each year and hopefully that will make life easier for her as well. 
Addie is not big into sweets (although she definitely loves a warm chocolate chip cookie baked by Dad) but does have a weakness for Sour Cream and Cheddar ruffles chips. She also loves chicken noodle soup, tacos, spaghetti, pho, creamy lemon chicken on rice and cheese pizza. Her favorite veggie is still broccoli and her fave fruit is red raspberries. Every morning for breakfast she has a kolache and a glass of milk (this is big news after 2 years of always having a bowl of coco puffs cereal) and every day for lunch she has a ricecake sandwich with chicken lunchmeat, cheese and mustard, a bag of chips and some fruit. She definitely appreciates routines. 
Addie and Preston have been the best of friends (except for the few minutes each day where they are total enemies ;-) and he LOVES playing with her! Eddie loves Addie as well and whenever Addie is upset she wants Eddie in her room with her to cuddle. 
We love our Addie girl so much!!! She may keep us on our toes but she also adds so much excitement, joy and love to our family. We get to experience the world from an entirely different perspective through her eyes. When she says something loving I know she means it with all her heart so it means so much more. I love to see her happy...when she gives a big genuine smile, it lights up the room. I am especially thankful for all the teachers and friends who love her nearly as much as we do. I never knew what it was to truly appreciate and love teachers and leaders before being blessed with some who really went/go out of their way to help my Adeline. She has taught me humility and patience as well as some important life lessons and I look forward to what this next year has in store.
Height: 52.75" (56th%)
Weight: 66 lbs (56th%)
Some highlights from her year as an 8 year old:
she is also the daredevil of the bunch!
and just a cute flashback to prove how long the cat ears have been a part of her wardrobe!
And Addie's birthday picture collection...

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