Friday, February 5, 2016

Mardi Gras Meet 2016

This swim meet has been one of our favorites every year, but it's not always super competitive so the rest of Ella's friends go to a different meet this same weekend. That means Ella would rather go to the other meet with her buddies (and her coach would rather us as well), so this may have been our last Mardi Gras sad! It has been a fun little tradition every January to go for a long weekend. We have mini-golfed at the same little place every time and this year got to add in visiting with our friends the Funks who moved to Baton Rouge last year.
I just had so much fun looking back over the posts from past years. It is amazing to see how much the kids have grown and how much Ella's swimming has improved!!! 2013, 2014 and 2015
About 30 minutes into our drive we realized that I forgot the camera :-(!!! After debating a bit we decided to just keep going with out it. It was pretty sad, especially since we were going to see friends this year, but I took lots of pics with my phone.
The kids skipped school that Friday and we headed out in the late morning so Ella could swim the 500 free and 200 IM that night.
Addie styled herself that day and was so cute :-)
Ella had a GREAT first day of the meet!
She got 1st place on the 500 Free, dropping over 11 seconds from last month and then turned around and got 3rd on the 200 IM after not much rest time, dropping 6 seconds from last month.
500 Free (1st/11)
Seed time: 6:36.73
This meet: 6:25.43
200 IM (3rd/13)
Seed time:2:51.79
This meet: 2:45.33
This is what I put on instagram with this picture...
This is the face of one happy girl! Ella just dropped 11 seconds from last month and won 1st place in the 500 free, which is extra cool on this long race because they ring a bell by the first place lane letting them know they are in the last they rang it for her. I almost cried I was so proud and excited for her! #katyaquatics
1st place
We headed straight to eat (it was late!) at a yummy restaurant we found last year...mostly because their desserts are AMAZING!
Then it was off to the hotel to get some sleep for the next day!
The next morning we got visit some of our Katy BFFs! It was so fun to see the Funks again and their cute house and their cute kids and catch up! I still can't believe they don't live in Katy anymore :-(. Preston and Ryan didn't skip a beat and were off playing and being silly together immediately. We all went mini-golfing and the let the kids each have a couple tokens at the arcade (where Preston hit the jackpot!). We got a yummy lunch and then we headed back to the pool and lucky Preston got to go play with Ryan more at his house. The parade before the Saturday session of the meet is always a lot of fun and Ella was really thankful to have her good friend Madeline there with there. The Funks came to see a couple races and Preston was sad to say goodbye to Ryan when they left (and I was sad to say goodbye to Lauren!!). Ella had another awesome day of swimming! The biggest shocker of the meet was her awesome 100 backstroke race! She has long struggled with backstroke and knocked out a BB time on it this day!!! She was SO excited!!! We got yummy burgers for dinner and called it a night with one more day to swim.
100 Freestyle (8th/38)
Seed time: 1:12.75
This meet: 1:07.51
100 Backstroke (9th/29)
Seed time: 1:25.23
This meet: 1:18.70
50 Freestyle (11th/37)
Seed time: 32.63
This meet: 31.46
The last day got off to a bit of a rocky start but Ella ended up with overall a really amazing meet especially considering she was swimming mostly her worst strokes. (the beignets we got for breakfast surely helped ;-) of course). It was a great way to end her Mardi Gras meet career :-)!
50 Backstroke (10th/28)
Seed time: 40.97
This meet: 37.43
100 Breaststroke (8th/19)
Seed time: 1:30.74
This meet: 1:29.45
100 IM, this was an OLD seed time, (5th/29)
Seed time: 1:27.56
This meet: 1:18.02

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