Monday, February 8, 2016

More January Moments

Addie continued chess club on Wednesdays throughout January and I would go volunteer. Since Preston's lunch was right before it started I got to have more lunches than normal with this cutie talking my ear off :-).
Ella and her swimming besties all showed up for practice in the same neon yellow...soul mates ;-)
Ella's swim practice time changed on Thursdays so now when I pick up the lego class carpool, they get 20 minutes at the playground while we wait for Ella. It was FREEZING this night but they insisted they were fine.
All of us are obsessed with the Adele CD but Preston really belts out the songs when we are driving in the car. He is also very embarrassed if he notices anyone watching him so I haven't been able to get it on video. I did get a good little clip finally when Mike let him wear headphones to listen to it inside.

Reading to Preston's class and Mike came with me this time. You will notice Preston is not sitting quietly listening...that is what happens every time. He wanders around the back, sits by me, sits on me and then walks around some more.
Silly sleeper
I was subbing for Adeline's primary class when they sang to her for her birthday.
"You've had a birthday, shout Hooray!"
Gorgeous Sunday afternoon family time.
Ella always has been a good student but math this year has been up and down, so I was so proud of her a few weeks into the new grading period to have all these awesome grades that I took a screen shot :-)!
Preston was SOOO excited to finally be the star of the week!!!
Both working from home this year has really been amazing. Temple date and then the most amazing Dominican food at a restaurant up that way is the best way to spend the day!
Cheering on Ella's buddy at her dance show.
And the night of the 31st was New Beginnings at the church and we were invited because Ella will be going into Young Women this summer!!! I seriously can't believe it and she is SO excited!!!

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