Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ella's Short Course Champs 2016

A couple weekends ago was Ella's Short Course Champs meet, which means this was her last time to swim these events as an 11 year old. Our team ended up getting assigned to a location about an hour north of us. Since Ella was swimming the 500 free Friday night and then had to be back at the pool early the next morning for warm-ups we decided to book a hotel and make it a fun little overnight trip for the first part of the meet. Our hotel ended up being really nice and modern, so the kids thought it was especially cool ;-). Ella had a great meet! She dropped time in all but one of her seven events, and considering many of these were times from only one month ago, that was awesome. She had so much fun with her buddies in between races and Addie and Preston had just as much fun getting to play on the ipad for hours each day haha! It's so fun to see Ella work so hard and accomplish her goals!
500 freestyle (9th/25 11 and 12 year olds)
seed time: 6:25.43
this meet: 6:20.33
100 breaststroke (16th/49)
(lane 4, 4th from top)
seed time:1:29.45
this meet: 1:26.73

Ella always pushes on her goggles like this before her races :-)
200 backstroke (8th/14)
(middle lane, all 3 girls had not swum this event before so Ella wasn't swimming against the girls she usually does and nearly lapped them)
time: 2:46.70 (she missed the BB time by 1 hundreth of a second!)

50 backstroke (24th/56)
(lane 6)
the only race that she didn't improve her time on the whole weekend. She had just swum it the month before so I wanted her to do the 200 free instead since her time is old but I think she was worried since her coach had put her in this one.
seed time: 37.43
this meet: 37.97

The meet happened to be right by the Dominican restaurant that Mike and I love so we told the kids we were going and that we would go to Fuddruckers the next day ;-). They ended up really liking it though!
Preston requested a picture of me while we were all watching Amazing Race back at home that evening.
200 breaststroke (9th/22)
(lane 1, top of screen)
seed time: 3:09.70
this meet: 3:02.21

I had no idea what the girls were doing (another mom texted me this picture) and have since been enlightened...I obviously am a huge football fan ;-).
Natalia, Ella, Megan, Alva, Alex, Zoe, Gabi, Nicole and Samantha

50 fly (23rd/46)
(lane 6, 3rd from bottom)
she slipped on your turn in this race :(
seed time (an OLD time): 40.53
this meet: 36.22

50 breaststroke (13th/56)
(lane 6, 3rd from bottom)
seed time: 40.79
this meet: 40.41

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