Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hello Spring

Honestly it has felt like spring since February arrived and we welcomed March in with the same beautiful days. Addie and Preston are obsessed with Pokemon and have been making up games to play outside that keep them mostly getting along which is great, Ella enjoyed some easy and fun swim practices in the lull between short course and long course seasons, and Mike and I have been reevaluating work goals and trying to get in shape for our big trip coming up.
Here are a few more happenings from the end of February and beginning of March, including the full video of Preston singing along with Mike during their "night song" (I posted a clip on Instagram recently). As if hearing Mike sing to him every night wasn't sweet enough, when Preston started joining in I had to be sure to capture the memory on video :-).
Addie creating something for one of the Pokemon games
lunch date
Snagged this from Facebook, Ella is so excited to help with the yearbook next year
(she is in the bottom right corner with a teal shirt on)

I miss seeing these ladies more often...and can't believe we are getting so old that we have multiple children each of baptism age!
These two can be the best of buds sometimes
Thanks to Natalia's nice mom, these three swimming besties had a fun filled Saturday afternoon at La Centerra
Mike and I went on a date and when we came home we could hear all the kids singing along cute!

Preston even busts out his air guitar :-)

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