Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ella's PEAK Meet

The weekend of Preston's birthday, which is the next thing I really need to catch up on!, was also a long course swim meet for Ella. Mike and I were especially excited to see her swim after missing her first long course meet of the season while we were on our trip. Ella swam Friday and Saturday (13th and 14th) and did really really well. She even dropped lots of time on events she swam less than a month ago. My parents were able to come out Friday night to cheer her on (and the meet was all the way in Pearland) and we also got to see my friend from high school and her family which was fun. Ella had a lot of fun hanging out with all her teammates between races and Addie and Preston loved their electronics time as usual ;-). Ella is seconds away from her A times on each of the events and on a 400 or a 200 that isn't much at all, so she is really excited and hoping to get some next month!
It takes over an hour to get to the Pearland pool so we pulled Addie and Preston out of school a little early to get there on time. Right as we were pulling into the natatorium it started raining pretty hard so we decided to wait in the car a bit for it to die down. Well, it just got worse and worse and before we knew it was hailing, HUGE hails everywhere. It looked like someone dumped ice out in the grass! I was worried it was going to damage the car, but it didn't and eventually it stopped so we could run inside through the rain.
Mike trying to get hail INTO the car haha
results are out of 11/12 year old girls combined
The first race Friday night was the 400 Free, so no video but she ROCKED it!!!
seed time (from 3 weeks ago): 5:46.81
this meet: 5:35.80 (12th/41)
talking with Coach Val after the race
Mike was timing and she was in his lane for her 200 IM which was fun.
seed time (from 3 weeks ago): 3:07.88
this meet: 3:04.95 (22nd/57)
(lane 1 at bottom of screen)

and on to Saturday...
200 Breast
this meet: 3:27.23 (13th/48)
(lane 3, middle)

50 Free
seed time (from last year): 37.02
this meet: 35.51 (29th/66)
(lane 4, middle)

200 Free
seed time (from last year): 2:57.76
this meet: 2:41.21 (14th/62)
(lane 5, middle top)


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