Friday, May 27, 2016

Oh, Hello Real Life

And just like that the trip we had been planning forever was over and we were right back into real life. The kids had the next day off of school, so it ended up being a nice transition back into the swing of things.
We were able to spend some extra family time together and then by Saturday it was back to the usual swim practices and lessons, birthday parties, laundry, fighting kids ;-). I didn't have any photo shoots scheduled until the next week though so that was nice.
It is definitely hard to get out of vacation mode!
Within 3 the first 3 days back we had multiple swim practices, haircuts, a birthday party, the spring swim banquet and fielder follies at the elementary school. May is glad at this point we are almost through it.
saving a turtle Addie spotted in a parking lot
The 11 year olds in our ward became family history indexing specialists this year and got to skip sharing time every other week to go work on it in the family history center. This was a brilliant idea because they are over sharing time at this point anyway and they accomplished so much, indexing over 1,000 names!
Spring Swim Banquet with guest speaker Alex Meyer, former world open water champion and US Olympic team member.
Monday was Fielder Follies at school for Addie, the talent show they do in music class. I brought my regular camera and then realized I had forgotten to put memory cards back in my bag...thank goodness for phones!

That afternoon summer swim team started!
After much debate and researching our options we decided to switch summer swim teams this year. We have been with Falcon Point for 5 years and it is where Ella learned to swim the summer she turned 7, so it was a hard decision! The head coach who I have loved, especially for Addie and Preston, wasn't coming back, the traffic has gotten worse so drive time would be worse and they are still in a division that requires an extra meet because they have an extra team (summer swim meets are no joke and 4 is plenty...5 killed me last year!).
We ended up signing up with the Creekstone Crocs, which are literally across the road from our neighborhood. We can leave our house 5 minutes before practice and be there early which is amazing. The team is small and the atmosphere is very relaxed. There is a playground right by the pool where Preston plays with his new BFF Eli (who is a good kid) while Addie swims. We have loved it so far! (and Ella is getting extra time with Claire)
lunch with Preston for his bday a week early because there was state testing going on the week of his real bday
haircut time for Eddie
Girls' lunch, a date with Ella to see the play at her junior high and subbing in Addie's class at the school while the teachers were treated to a lunch for teacher appreciation week. I popped over to say hi to Preston really quickly too. These teachers are saints to do this every day!
Our cute reader
Mother's Day is seriously my favorite (pretty picture from our family photos at the beginning of April..more of those to come eventually)
And lastly for now, Preston and the book he picked for the birthday book club at school. Mike has called him monk (short for monkey) since he was little and he loves cats so it was a perfect fit (although the book itself is a little strange haha).

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