Thursday, June 30, 2016

Meet of Champs 2016!!!

Last night was our Division Meet of Champs and it is always a bit stressful but exciting. It was helpful that Addie wasn't swimming this year too because it gave us a little more time between events to go outside and sit a bit before filing back inside and trying to get a good spot to video the next race.
We came prepared with snacks and drinks and things to do and the kids did great both surviving the meet and swimming well in it.
Preston surprised us with a huge improvement and medal in backstroke and miss Ella, who we thought would do well, dropped way more time than we anticipated and is super excited going into All Stars tomorrow night!
As fun as summer swim can be, it is equally exciting to have the craziness over until the next more meet to go ;-)!
Preston's Free Relay
2nd/5 teams

Ella's Free Relay
1st/5 teams

just checking out what is under the mat before his race...that kid :-)
Preston's Freestyle
seed time: 29.36
this meet: 34.42

Ella's Freestyle
seed time: 30.81
this meet: 29.62

This was such a shocker! After the coaches took the kids in to warm up Preston came running up to me excitedly telling me how he wished I had seen him warm up because he did backstroke PERFECT! I told him to do it again in his race so I could see, and at some point this week he must have figured out how to do it because it did look pretty darn good haha. He went from not even technically qualifying for his spot in this race to winning 4th overall. Silly guy! I hope he isn't too disappointed when he finds out his medal has a pink ribbon :-).
Preston's Backstroke
seed time: 41.09
this meet: 31.87

(I love this picture because it shows the size difference between Ella and most of the girls she swam against)
So backstroke has long been Ella's worst stroke although recently it has been improving slowly but surely. Usually she makes up a lot of time on her flip turn so I thought it was weird when after the turn she came out further behind than she was going into the wall and afterwards she told me her foot had slipped during the push off. Despite only getting 2nd on this one she still qualified for the All Star meet so it will be interesting to see if she can drop more time with a good turn.
Ella's Backstroke
seed time: 37.42
this meet: 36.55

Ella loves IM and we were expecting her to do well in this race, but she dropped almost 4 seconds! I couldn't believe it! I love watching her pull away on breaststroke.
Ella's IM
seed time: 1:16.20
this meet: 1:12.91

Right as the 15/18 boys were about to start their IM a huge storm blew in. It was POURING and there was continuous thunder and lightning for a good 30 minutes. Each time there was thunder or lightning it started the clock again to wait 30 minutes before the meet could resume. As it got later and later we were getting worried that we may have to finish the meet tonight. They ended up scratching the medley relays at the end (which Ella was really really sad about because her team has a great one) but on the bright side at 10:15pm we were able to start swimming again and quickly finished up the rest of the events.
This is definitely the race Ella was most excited about! She has always loved breaststroke and recently she has been seeing big improvements in it. We were hoping for her to get in the 38's to get a good seed time for the All Stars meet but she blew us away!
Ella's Breaststroke
seed time: 39.64
this meet: 37.24

Mike's dad was standing at the other end of the pool and from his view you can see just how great her 2nd pull out was.

Ella's Fly
seed time: 34.64
this meet: 33.11

It was so fun to have Papa there to cheer on the kids and see their improvements! One more meet tomorrow night and then summer swim is officially over!

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