Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our Last Summer Meet

After an exciting Meet of Champs last night, blogging this feels a little anti-climatic :-). It was a hot and muggy meet with a short downpour partway through, but the kids had their best meet of the season...well aside from the practice meet. Addie and Preston both had their best times of all of summer swim at our practice meet. Mike and I laughed about this many times. Who practices another month and doesn't improve at all?! As a result of this they started out as top swimmers in their age groups and then were passed up by a lot of kids. Preston ended up still getting to go to Meet of Champs for freestyle and the free relay and then by default got to go in backstroke (he was 5th fastest but one of the other boys couldn't go so it bumped him into the 4th spot). Addie didn't get to go for anything and I was worried about how she would feel since the other two were going, but when I broke the news her response was pure excitement as she said, "YES!!!! That water is COLD!!!" She did get to swim the butterfly one more time and dropped 10 seconds on it, so that was a great way to end her little summer season. Go Crocs!


Preston's Freestyle
seed: 29.36
this meet: 32.20

Addie's Freestyle
seed: 22.10
this meet: 22.61

Ella's Freestyle
seed: 31.44
this meet: 30.81

Preston Backstroke
seed: 41.09
this meet: 43.86

Addie Backstroke
seed: 24.10
this meet: 24.51

Ella Backstroke
seed: 38.18
this meet: 37.42

Ella's IM
seed: 1:17.16
this meet: 1:16.20

Before Ella's breaststroke started, it randomly poured down rain on us for a good 10 minutes or so. The swimmers thought it was great :-)!
Ella's Breaststroke
seed: 39.89
this meet: 39.64

Addie's Fly
seed: 34.03
this meet: 28.56

Ella's Fly
seed: 35.55
this meet: 34.64

Addie did a great job on her backstroke portion of the medley relay every time and was always the first one from our team to touch the wall. Too bad she couldn't do this in her individual race and get bumped up to the better relay.


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