Sunday, June 5, 2016

Preston at 7 Years Old

Preston has been 7 for almost an entire month now, but better late than never!
I love looking back through the pictures of the past year to find my favorite pictures of each kiddo on their birthday and Preston's are especially fun because he shows so much emotion all the time...along with his cute dimple ;-).
At 7 years old Preston still is a skinny bundle of energy! He is always zipping around doing something, whether it is annoying his sisters, swinging in the backyard, building legos, reading books or organizing his Pokemon cards. He has BIG emotions in that little body. When he is happy he is TRULY happy and when he is mad, well you know about it! He also loves us with the same intensity and gives the best hugs. He still doesn't like to be by himself very much and can make a new friend anywhere he goes. I have told him that is one of his talents for sure!
Height: 49.5" (77th%)
Weight: 50.2 lbs (46th%)
One of my favorite things about this past year with Preston is that he discovered how much fun reading could be. All the first graders had reading logs to record the books they read and his competitive spirit came out! He ended up reading over 1200 books (we counted a chapter as a book in his chapter books) and got a special award from the principal that he was very proud of!
He was obsessed with Magic Treehouse books for awhile and also read all the Notebook of Doom, Bad Kitty, Hey Jack and Captain Underpants series along with other random assortments that included Minecraft, Legos, Pokemon, etc :-). Maybe this year we can get him to branch out into some real books haha!
He has always been scared and timid about trying new things (and still spooks easily if anything is the least bit creepy), but he has started to trust us that there are a lot of fun things that seem scary at first but end up being really fun. Like letting a bird sit on your shoulder or going on a big roller coaster. If his sisters are going to do it, then he doesn't want to be left out that's for sure!
We had a year with ups and downs as far as behavior at school. He is definitely still our little chatterbox and sometimes just can't help himself from talking to his friends. He loves to be funny and make people laugh! He is also the sweetest little guy and loves to make people feel loved too.
He loves watching Odd Squad and Pokemon (when we let him) on TV. Pokemon was a new obsession that developed this year partly thanks to Addie and her friends being so into it. He still loves Legos, but Pokemon rules his world. He knows so many useless facts about each character and their evolutions...hopefully it's at least training his memory for future use ;-).
Preston loves all the typical foods like pizza, tacos and spaghetti. He also loves shrimp and fish and has recently discovered a love for brussels sprouts. I think he claims to dislike every other vegetable currently but fruits are all winners. When the doctor at his well checked asked him what he loves to eat he said "Mashed Potatoes!" so I guess we need to have those more often :-)!
Every morning for breakfast he has a waffle with peanut butter and a glass of OJ and he wants a peanut butter and honey sandwich in his lunch every day. BBQ Lays are his favorite chips and he doesn't really have a favorite treat because he loves them all :).
He never wants to "be handsome" which requires having his hair styled and a collared shirt on but he looks handsome regardless so there is no winning there for him :-). He loves our kitties and really wants his own cat but it isn't going to happen...sorry Prest!
He looooves music and always has. This year Mike started playing him some songs on his guitar when he would tuck him in and Preston gets so into the music it's adorable. He likes to sing along and even wrote lyrics for a tune Mike made up that start out "Wake up in the morning don't be mean, Leave me alone I need to wake up" haha! They go on about his morning and are really cute, ending with "Take me to school, I learn a lot."
Preston lost his first tooth this year (he still has only lost the 2 middle bottom ones by this point) and grew even taller. He played basketball with his buddy Jude and did a Lego class all school year with some friends from church. Currently he is participating in his third year of swim team and having so much fun playing with his friends...the swimming part he just likes a little bit :-).
We sure love Preston and the fun and craziness he brings to our family. Although he drives us nuts sometimes with the constant noise, messes and questions, one cute smile or hug makes up for it all. Life is more fun for us because he is in it!

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