Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Second Summer Swim Meet

We had our second summer swim meet of the season on Saturday the 11th at our pool. The kids were excited and the weather was nice and summery...hot and sunny ;-). They all did well and had a lot of fun with their friends between races. The highlight of the meet for Addie was when her medley relay got first place for sure! After the meet was over Ella and Mike headed to the Alamo for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie date and the littles and I had our own movie lunch at home.
team pictures for 2016

Ella swam the free relay with the 13-14s

Preston Freestyle
seed: 29.36
this meet: 34.45

Addie Freestyle
seed: 22.10
this meet: 22.35

Ella Freestyle
seed: 31.93
this meet: 31.44

Preston Backstroke
seed: 41.09
this meet: 52.99

Addie Backstroke
seed: 24.10
this meet: 28.00

Ella Backstroke
seed: 38.80
this meet: 38.18

Ella IM
seed: 1:17.30
this meet: 1:17.16

Ella Breaststroke
seed: 39.89
this meet: 40.78

Addie was bummed not to do breaststroke this meet, but she did get to do fly instead.
seed: 34.03
this meet: 34.45

Ella Fly
seed: 35.61
this meet: 35.55

I wish I had recorded Addie's entire Medley relay, but only did her leg which was the first one, backstroke.


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