Monday, June 13, 2016

Super Saturday

I still need to finish up the last couple days of the school year, but I haven't gotten around to going through all the kids' artwork and papers that I want to photograph to save, so I'm skipping ahead to Saturday June 4th instead.
We were up early on Saturday for our very first summer swim meet of the season! It was raining fairly hard when we arrived, all during warm-ups and even for the free relays but luckily with no thunder or lightning the meet carried on. By the time the individual events were starting it was clearing up and still cloudy and cool, which for the spectators was pretty amazing!
The kiddos all swam well and Addie did especially well on her relays. I think she actually cares on those ones :-). Ella was in weird heats for freestyle and backstroke because she missed those events at our practice meet but she dominated all the events regardless of heat. Preston had a blast playing with all the kids once his races were done. We were mostly just very thankful the meet was able to carry on and be finished so we didn't have to reschedule it!
After the meet Ella and I headed to the Astros game for a Katy Aquatics event with Megan and her mom. We had a really fun girls' date!
That weekend Mike and I also finally made it to dinner to celebrate our 14th anniversary. Of course, our big trip was the main celebration but we still wanted dinner too :-) and between end of school craziness, swimming commitments, etc. it was tricky. I can't believe we are old enough to have been married so long haha!
Preston's Freestyle
lane 5, second from right
seed time: 29.36, this meet: 36.15

Addie's Freestyle
lane 1, very left
seed time: 22.10, this meet: 24.06

Ella's Freestyle
lane 6
this meet: 31.93

Preston's Backstroke
lane 5, notice the splashing before the race starts ;-)
this meet: 41.09

Addie's Backstroke
lane 1
seed time: 24.10, this meet: 25.27

Ella's Backstroke
this meet: 38.80

Ella's IM
lane 3
seed time: 1:20.73, this meet: 1:17.30

Addie's Breaststroke
lane 3
seed time: 30.26, this meet: 31.17

Ella's Breaststroke
lane 3
seed time: 41.24, this meet: 39.89

Ella's Fly
lane 3
seed time: 35.83, this meet: 35.61

And then the girls' medley relays. Addie let off with backstroke and Ella did fly on hers.

Time for the ball game! (the Astros were playing the A's, so Ella wore her A's shirt :-)
There was an exciting moment when some weirdo ran onto the field and all the security guards ran out and tackled him to the ground. They then escorted him off the field by walking right towards us.
And our anniversary dinner at our fave, Oceanaire. The bread pudding was especially delicious that night!

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