Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dates, Camp, and a Phone

Date with friends to Chuck E Cheese
Went to Ian's baptism
Ella had a date with Nana and Grandad
My 2017 planner arrived and it was like Christmas for me
Mike and I had a date to go see Jim Gaffigan and laughed all night long
this is from earlier but I don't remember if I ever posted it and I love it
These two had a week at camp...well a partial week.
Preston can be a stinker sometimes and he had a punk kid in his group and they didn't like each other. Apparently Preston got up to go get his towel and this kid and his friend took Preston's spot. Preston got mad, he tells us he told a teacher that didn't do anything, but who knows. The boys started getting mad and one of the boys told Preston he would punch his face in (they are 7!!!). Addie saw what was happening and ran over. Preston told me she whispered "I will protect you Preston!" and the boy hit her in the face with his goggles. She fought back until another teacher broke it up. When we got called I was nervous our kids were in trouble but relieved to hear that she was only defending herself. The director said she was shaken up and wanted to go home. When they asked Preston what he wanted to do he said he would stay with sweet.
They love each other lots and they fight lots but I was happy to hear that in a tough situation they will stick together. They didn't want to go back the next day and Mike and I were nervous that this kid might try to start something when they are in the water. If it took the teachers that long to intervene in the gym why risk it. Goodbye camp! They did have fun the first few days though :-)!
camp 2
Addie and Preston also both had book club again. They both read the books and really loved their little activity. So fun! Preston's group read The Boy with the Chocolate Touch and Addie's group read Matilda.
Lunch date yumminess
Preston's cool lego creation that I felt so bad putting in pieces up on his shelf because it looked amazing and he worked so hard on it. Thank goodness for pictures :-)!
huge (dead) dragonfly we found (addie's hand for scale)
And possibly the biggest news was Ella got a phone...

This girl is seriously the only almost 7th grader I know who doesn't have one. Most of her friends have had their own phone for years or at least got one when they started middle school. We had decided to wait until she was turning 12 and Ella has been the best sport about it. She never once grumbled or complained or whined about how everyone else had one but her (which wouldn't have been an exaggeration!). She is smart and knows she wouldn't be getting one if she did haha, but still!
This reaction is a HUGE one coming from our Ella Bella...she is calm, cool and collected at all times. She had been saving money to help pay for it (she is quite a saver and had over $200!) but we chipped in more than we were originally planning on so she could get the phone she really wanted since she had been so good about it...and has just been a good kid all the way around :-). She loves it and I love to see her interacting with her friends on it.
face-timing on the way home from practice ;-)

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