Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ella at the All Stars Meet and the Creekstone Party

Our summer full of swimming commitments is *almost* over! One more champs meet for Ella with Katy Aquatics next weekend and all our vacationing can officially begin!
Friday, July 1st, was the All Star swim meet for our summer swim league. Ella qualified for the meet in every stroke and her main goal was to medal in breaststroke (top 8). The meet started out a little rough for her. They started with the 100 IM, and it is usually between backstroke and breaststroke so that was odd. She added a little time and was pretty upset about it but she still medaled, which as an 11 year old in the 11/12 age group is awesome! Next were freestyle and backstroke. She added time on both of those as well and her overall mood seemed pretty defeated when I went out to find her. I was worried she would be in a funk for her best event (breaststroke) so tried to get her excited again. She swam a great breaststroke! Even though she added a little time on this one as well (she just swam an amazing meet two days before so it wasn't unexpected) she got 2nd place! That is a huge deal and the girl she lost to is technically 13 and an amazing swimmer, so Ella had a lot to be proud of! The last race was butterfly and she told me her goal was to get 4th so she could have it added to the sleeve of her All Stars tshirt ;-). I was hopeful but also a little skeptical given the competition and how the meet had been panning out as a whole, but she ended up dropping another second off her time and got 4th...she did it!
The meet was looong, it was hot and it was at a pool 30 minutes away so we were all excited to have it over and make it home! My grandma was able to come and cheer for Ella and she was such a trooper! I know it means so much to Ella when her grandparents are there to support her!
I felt so relieved to have all the summer swim meets over haha! On the evening of July 5th we had our team party where the kids swam for awhile at the pool before the coaches passed out medals to all the swimmers on the team and those who swam in Meet of Champs and All Stars were also recognized. We truly loved our year with seriously cannot beat having practice everyday 3 minutes from your house instead of 20...and are excited to be back next year!
the kids liked watching the coaches racing
a little windy ;-)
Ella had fun racing so many of her friends from KA. I had meant to get pictures of them together when they weren't racing but since most of them were in every event like Ella and with how the pool was set up I never saw them outside!
most of the girls Ella swims against are much bigger than her and this was the perfect example ;-)
Also, Ella did something cute each time they announced her name. I wasn't expecting it and I loved it! Sometimes it's hard to see her with the diving boards and other swimmers, but watch for it at the beginning of this first race, sadly I didn't get it on the others!
100 IM
seed time: 1:12.91
this meet: 1:12.93

50 Free
seed time: 29.62
this meet: 29.84

50 Back
24th/24 (it is always sad to be last, but we told Ella that just to make it to All Stars this year in her worst stroke was an accomplishment)
seed time: 36.55
this meet: 37.01

50 Breast
seed time: 37.24
this meet: 37.71

50 Fly
seed time: 33.11
this meet: 32.47

Coach Steph was Ella's first coach at Katy Aquatics and still our favorite! She has helped Ella sooo much over the years perfecting what she loves most!
we had a friend take a picture of the records list for our old Division because Ella has a top 10 time there for 9/10s. I think she still has one in 7/8s for yet another division but it's hard to round up people in all those divisions to get pictures :-).
I was worried when Preston got 4th in backstroke that he would be bummed that it was pink, but it didn't phase him ;-)!

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