Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Day of School 2016

I was so proud of myself (and relieved) to get all caught up on my vacation blogging that I gave myself a break after and just realized it has now been two weeks since school started and I never posted the pictures.
The first day of school came super fast! I think we learned that in the future it is best to be home from any trips two weeks before the first day to feel completely prepared and ready to go. But we managed to pick out something cute to wear, have the kitchen stocked for lunches and yummy first day breakfast and kids excited and ready to go!
Monday, the 22nd, was not only the first day of school for all the kids, but Mike's first day to teach early morning seminary as well, so the entire house was up EARLY! He is teaching New Testament to the Sophomores from our ward and my parents' ward (so he has a lot of the girls I work with in Mia Maids as well) and is really enjoying it so far. Mike headed out and I made breakfast for the kiddos. They picked chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, and I added some berries :-). We packed lunches and said our goodbyes to Ella, who is riding the bus in the mornings again this year (Mike picks her up), and then the littles had an hour to hang out before it was their turn.
Eventually it was time to brave the crowds at the elementary school and off we went. I am so glad Mike doesn't have to miss doing these routines with us anymore now that he isn't teaching! Preston and Addie both walked right in to their class rooms and were excited to see their friends.
It has definitely been nice to have our days to ourselves again. It is crazy how much more you can get done when you don't have to stop to break up arguments ;-)...although I do miss having them come in to show me things they have been making in their rooms. And of course, with the kids back in school it is back to full time working mode around here and that's no fun. There are pros and cons to all of life's phases :-).
Adeline, 4th grade, and Preston, 2nd grade
Ella, 7th grade
Nana stopped by that afternoon with her traditional back to school treats for the kiddos. This year it was yummy rice krispie treats!

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