Thursday, October 27, 2016

Addie's Weekend

Addie got to be the star of the show the weekend of the 15th. First it was her class field trip on the 14th where I got to spend the day with her and then the next day she had her own swim meet. We left the other two at home and my parents came to cheer her on as well. When I told her Nana and Grandad were coming she was so excited! I think it was nice for her to have an event where we were all there just for her! I had to leave the meet early to get to my next round of photo shoots, but she did a great job! It has been so fun to see her in this new element and she is actually having fun as well :-).
The 4th grade field trip was to George Ranch historical farm. We had enough chaperones from our class that I just had Addie and two friends and we had the freedom to go where we wanted which was really nice. The girls were a little interested in the historical homes and farms but were mostly determined to see alligators and snakes (we saw a sign warning of them at the beginning of the day). Luckily their dreams came true :-)!
our little group for the day: Nyah, Helena and Addie
We all loved the orange chickens with fluffy feet
We ran into Addie's teachers at one point and showed them the alligator. As I walked with one of the teachers she started talking to me about Addie girl. She went on and on about how extremely intelligent she is and told me that I really must have her tested for GT because in her 20 years of teaching Addie is the most GT kid she has ever met. It was such a nice treat to have this kind of a conversation about our Addie after some of the things we have gone through with her. She really seems to have blossomed this year and is doing amazingly well socially (she has always done well academically). She loves school and has a great group of friends and seems to understand a little better how to control her emotions and let things go. It has been wonderful to see her come into her own!
Swim meet afternoon! Addie swam 50 free, 50 back and 50 breast. I was only there for freestyle and she did great! She took over a second off her time from last month and won her heat (very important to her haha). She also dropped a second on backstroke and won her heat there as well. Unfortunately she got disqualified on breaststroke even though Mike reminded her to two hand touch right before she went down to line up for the race :-). He thinks her time was around 1:01.something though which is still really good for her first time swimming it!
(black cap in the middle)
50 free
seed time: 45.54
this meet: 44.35
(26th/74, they don't have the results divided by age for some reason so that is of 7-12 year olds)

50 back
seed time: 51.55
this meet: 50.66
She really has been working hard at practice and doesn't complain about going so I'm curious to see if it blossoms into a love of the sport at all. It is definitely good exercise and good practice for snorkeling if nothing else :-).

Monday, October 24, 2016

School, Swim, Shoot, Repeat

The second week of October was still warm but there was sun and no rain, which we needed for Addie's field trip and my photo shoots, so I wasn't complaining about the heat!
Eddie became ill and was not getting better so finally we gave in and took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. They gave him some shots, told us what to do and sent us home $300 later. He seemed fine for a few days and then was sick again so back we went. This time the bill was a little smaller and we are continuing to give him meds. Hopefully this doesn't become a life long issue or his life may not be very long at our house. Addie was such a good little mom though. She made him a little bed in her room and a cute sign to go above where we put his food, water and litter while he was being quarantined for observation. She would read to him and always reminds me to give him his medicine.
Preston lost TWO teeth at school within a few days of each other. He lost the first one trying to open his water bottle and told me when he wanted to lose the second one he just did the same thing :-).
some of the weird things Ella and her friends do on instagram are funny and this was one of my favorites...
finding turtles before piano
some of the only girls Preston is willing to play with ;-)
Preston has been writing his own comics, making board games and most recently, copying Diary of Wimpy kid :-)
This past weekend we got to spend time with the Oliversons which was a nice treat. They came into town for a night so we could do family pictures the next day and the kids had a lot of fun together. We also made sure to fit in as much good food as possible in the few hours we had :-)!

Along with their photo shoot I did 13 others Saturday, 2 full and 12 minis in total. It was LONG and a lot in a row, but Kayley came to help me and hang out with me which made a big difference. It feels kind of good to have it done and will feel really good to make some headway into the editing of them all!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

One Week Down

Tuesday, October 4th, was picture day for Addie and Preston and we also had dentist appointments scheduled. Preston thinks he missed his class picture...critical scheduling error, but what can you do? The kids did great at the dentist and we stopped for a yummy lunch before hurrying everyone back to school.
The next morning, 5th, was National Walk to School Day and I was in charge of taking the picture of everyone by the firetruck again. The truck was parked somewhere new this year which provided a bit of a challenge and I don't even know if Addie and Preston made it in the picture haha. It's always a fun morning for the kids to arrive early and play on the playground though and we hurried inside to check out the book fair afterward. We definitely lucked out with the beautiful weather!
Randoms from the rest of the week...Addie in class, pie for dinner after a long day of photo shoots, Ella in action as a photographer for yearbook, beautiful weather for a Sunday family bike ride...