Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Addie and Preston's Pokemon Business (and other happenings)

The second half of September was spent doing more of the same for the most part. We did have our first swim meets of the season which was fun (more on those to come) but the weather stayed more hot and humid than is typical which was not. Addie and Preston created a little "art and comic" shop that they set up at the end of our walkway for a few days in a row. Many kind neighbors stopped by to buy some of their work and I think the kids made about $5 each in the end and were thrilled. Those two have been getting along especially well lately which has been so fun. They have sleepovers every weekend, are very into writing in their journals, play dragons outside, and of course watch Pokemon on TV as well :-). Ella is super busy but still manages to keep up with all her homework in the time she has leftover from all of her swimming commitments and does so without any reminding from us. She is pretty awesome...even with some teenage moodiness setting in ;-).
Here is the rest of our randomness from September...
we got a final update on our little raccoon rescue
Lulu turned 3 and we gave her a Rapunzel wig that is amazing haha!
My Mia Maids class presidency at our meeting one Sunday after church (missing one). Such a great group of girls I get to work with.
Ella had a blast at the youth car wash
Preston really drives us crazy sometimes, but we love him so much. This afternoon we stopped at the park on our way to piano to get some crazies out like usual and he had me timing him running all over the place. As I watched him my heart was just so full of love. Hopefully he learns sooner rather than later how to reign in some of his impulsiveness.
Addie started Katy Aquatics this year and is doing so well at not complaining about it. We decided with her love of the ocean and it's creatures and her lack of fear of both that she really needs to be a strong swimmer to keep her safe.
Addie and Preston with their cute sales tactics :-).
Preston's lego class started back up in September as well and he still loves it! (pictures from our friend who has been driving him all month)
I came across this journal while looking for a gift for someone and felt like it was meant for me :-). I've been using it to plan real and dream trips to keep me motivated during these two months of crazy working.
water tower with a hat ;-)
We watched Ollie and Lulu for a little while and the kids got Ollie involved in their journaling addiction...and then played lots of hide and seek :-)
When I see all these pictures of Preston I wish I wasn't so lazy about styling his hair...oh well :-).

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