Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pancake Party and Halloween Decorating

On Saturday, October 1st, I had NO photo shoots! It was the most amazing weekend with the most amazing weather! I had left it open in case I needed to reschedule any of my September Saturdays and luckily the weather has so far cooperated every weekend! It was also Ella's first Saturday practice of the season and the coach had the idea to do a pancake party after practice so I got to help out at that since I was home. The kids all had so much fun hanging out a bit and it definitely eased the pain of getting up so early on a Saturday :-).
Mike and I squeezed in a lunch date to the Alamo and then it was time for Halloween decorating! The kids pretty much do it all now and really love being in charge. Ella's friend Megan was over and got to join in the fun and we even baked cookies (using the new gluten free flour that is an even replacement for regular flour...it is life changing I tell you!). All during the day I kept thinking about how wonderful it would be for every Saturday to be that free...it's coming slowly but surely.
Addie got to go to her good friend Helena's house that evening and Preston was a little lost and bored without her home. He tried to lure in some new friends with the guitar he made at school with no success haha.
It was just such a nice day doing whatever we wanted to do!
The next day we had the day off from getting dressed up for church too since it was General Conference weekend so we enjoyed a lazy morning watching the sessions recorded from the day before and then headed to my parent's house for brunch and swimming between Sunday sessions. Perfect weekend done.

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