Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Two Swim Meets, One Weekend

We had our first two swim meets of this season the weekend of September 24th. The girls both had the Purple and Black meet Saturday morning (each swimmer just swims 2 50's against all the other Katy Aquatics swimmers) and then Ella had the open water meet the next morning.
The Purple and Black meet is always a bit more stressful than the average meet because it is so many swimmers and everyone is new at their volunteer jobs for the most part so things aren't always running in the most efficient way. The good news was we had a relatively cool morning so that all the waiting outside at the beginning was at least pleasant.
Both girls swam the 50 free and then Addie did 50 back and Ella 50 fly. Ella has a history of not doing great at this meet which held true (both her times were a bit slower than what she was getting in June), but it's nice to have it out of the way ;-). Addie almost missed her first race and I had to run down and hurry over to the right place but she made it and still swam well. The biggest surprise to me was Addie's backstroke where she did the most beautiful flip turn! I had even told her earlier in the morning it would probably be best to skip the flip turn altogether since it is easy to get DQ'd and I didn't think she knew exactly what she was doing yet...she proved me wrong :-). It was especially surprising because she didn't do one on her freestyle..she told us later she forgot haha.
We hurried off to the Alamo after the meet to see the new Storks movie and eat in the nice freezing theater. It was the best reward after the swim meet!
Ella, 50 free
lane 2 (from top)
seed time: 31.46 (although in summer her best was 29.62)
this meet: 30.50

Addie, 50 free
lane 1 very top
seed time: 58.78 (from 2 years ago)
this meet: 45.54

Addie, 50 back
lane 1 again
seed time: 1:02.45 (from 2 years ago)
this meet: 51.55

She was so excited to win her heat!!!
Ella, 50 fly
lane 4
seed time: 36.22 (in summer her best was 32.47)
this meet: 33.99

The next morning we headed out for Ella's Open Water meet. We had thought she was going to have to swim the mile this year, so just the fact that she was in the 800 again had her happy as could be. Her new coach really pushed for the kids to sign up for it so she was also excited that so many of her friends were there this year. After some delays for thunder they were able to get the meet going and Ella swam a good race. She wasn't thrilled with her performance or with the aggressiveness of some of the other swimmers (she got scratched and pulled quite a bit at the beginning), but she dropped a couple minutes from last fall which I thought was great. I think Ella is just glad it is over and that she will be back to swimming in lanes in a real pool for the next meet :-).
the warm-up
I hate the beginning! Ella is to the right of the girl in the orange cap in the middle of the pack at the start...

Coming in at the end...
Ella ended up finishing 14th/51 11-12 year olds on the 800.
seed time: 14:29.50
this meet: 12:45.34

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