Thursday, November 17, 2016

Frog turns 80 and Ella has a swim meet

On November 5, my grandfather (also known as Frog and Great-Frog) turned 80! We were at a swim meet that morning and then got together with the rest of the family for a BBQ dinner and then dessert at our house. My grandma made his favorite cake, German chocolate, and we presented him with a special book of notes and pictures from friends and family that Kayley put together. He LOVED it and spent the rest of the night reading it. We are so thankful to get to see him so often!


The rest of that weekend revolved around a swim meet for Ella. She was supposed to swim the 1000 free Friday night but then she had a mini-flu on Tuesday so we decided skip it and save her energy for the other days. Overall this meet went much better for her than the weekend before! Still not getting the times on her 50's she did during the summer, but definitely an improvement! She did really well on her three breaststroke events especially and also on her fly, earning 4 individual ribbons and 1 for a relay. It will be nice to have some weeks off before the fall champs meet in December!
100 breast
seed time: 1:21.77 (from weekend before)
this meet: 1:19.97 (3rd/35)
lane 3, from top, black cap with breast cancer awareness ribbon

50 free
seed time: 30.32
this meet: 30.61 (20th/62)
200 fly
seed time: 2:50.16 (converted from long course)
this meet: 2:46.97 (7th/14)
(lane 3 again)

50 breast
seed time: 40.41 (from Feb)
this meet: 37.46 (5th/49)
(lane 3 again)

Ella has been dying to try Mod Pizza and we finally went :-)
50 Fly
seed time: 33.99
this meet: 33.26 (15th/45)
(lane 3, yet again)

200 breast
seed time: 2:55.50 (converted from long course)
this meet: 2:51.70 (5th/20)
(lane 8, closest to us)

100 free
seed time: 1:05.99
this meet: 1:07.73 (13th/38)
50 back
seed time: 37.43 (from last Jan)
this meet: 38.73 (this was her worse backstroke race in a long time and it's already her worse stroke, she was over it haha)

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