Thursday, November 10, 2016

Halloween 2016

We had near perfect weather for trick or treating this Halloween and all weekend leading up to it as well, so it helped compensate for the fact that Halloween itself was on a Monday this year :-).
Ella had to go to swim practice still so I headed to my parents' house with Addie and Preston to be on time for our traditional taco soup dinner (and also get into the neighborhood before the parade craziness began) and Mike and Ella got there just in time for pictures and trick or treating. Since Ella was an Olympic swimmer this year, the wet-chlorine smelling hair was the perfect touch ;-).
Addie and Preston had their hearts set on being dragons this year from the get-go. Addie has always had a special place in her heart for dragons and after reading the series Wings of Fire, loves them even more. She has been making them out of rainbow looms, origami and drawing them constantly. So, of course all of the games she comes up with for her Preston to play also involve dragons and her love has spread to him as well.
In typical Addie fashion, the costumes needed to be realistic and the kids were dying laughing at the first few costumes I found online when we began our search. I spotted a gold and black dragon costume on Chasing Fireflies' website, which is also where I got Addie her rainbow macaw wings that she loved so much. They both loved it immediately. I made the mistake of letting them help me with the search because it was only after they fell in love with it that we checked the price and it was a ton. The initial price we saw was just for the top, pants and tail, but the mask, wings, feet and claws were all sold separately...annoying. It was just way too much for a costume in my opinion so I told them I would keep an eye on it and if it went on sale maybe we could get it (we start our searching early in the game). A few weeks later I checked back and the site had added a new red dragon for the current Halloween season, which meant the gold one went on sale for half off! There was only a size 14 left, but I went for it anyway, and the kids were SOOOO excited to wear them!!!
We ate dinner, took pictures (later than normal so it was already getting dark), did some trick or treating and then headed back home. Another successful Halloween in the books!


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