Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Edster


In the first few days of October we noticed Addie's cat Eddie was a little sick. I didn't think too much of it at first, but as the days went on we got more worried and I took him into the vet. At that point he had been throwing up multiple times a day and wasn't eating, although we did get him to drink a little here and there. The vet did some blood work but it didn't provide any clear answers. She believed he had pancreatitis although it was rare in such a young cat who didn't have a habit of eating weird objects around the house. Eddie got a shot to help him get an appetite back and help with the vomiting and we were told to get some human pepcid AC and give him half a pill twice a day. The day following his appointment Eddie actually seemed worse. He laid on the chair in our bedroom all day long and didn't move. When Addie got home from school we put some water, food and a little litter box in her room and we were able to get him to eat and drink a little (she was the one who really did it, I had tried a couple times during the school day with no success). Addie made a cute little sign for the area that said "Eddie's Recovery Corner" and was so sweet with him. She made him a comfy little bed in another corner of the room and I came in at one point to find him tucked in bed with her reading him books about cats :-). The next day he seemed to turn a corner and didn't throw up for a couple days. I thought we were in the clear! But then as the days went on he started again. It progressively got worse until 1 week later when Addie and I took him back in to the vet. They did blood work again but found things were about where they were before (most levels normal) aside from the fact that he did have a fever this time. He got another shot and once again seemed ok for a day or so before it started all over again.
It was an exhausting roller coaster for us all, I felt horribly for Eddie who by this point had been sick for almost 4 weeks, and we had spent hundreds of dollars at the vet, with no real improvement or answers. We knew we weren't going to be able to keep up any of it much longer and had been talking about it with the kids as things had progressed along. We felt the only option we had left was to put Eddie down, which broke our hearts on many levels, most of all for Addie though. I put Mike in charge of figuring it out because I couldn't handle it. We let Eddie go outside with the kids the last weekend we knew he would be with us and he loved it. He wasn't his usual energetic self but he loved laying in the grass watching everything. I was sure to get some good pictures of Addie and Eddie together too. Those last few days when we knew it was going to happen soon were really sad :-(. And you can see in the pictures that his coloring wasn't as vibrant those last few weeks as normal.
We got the kids off to school on November 2nd and I spent some time cuddling with Eddie a little before we got in the car to head to the vet Mike had scheduled. I felt such horrible guilt, especially when Eddie would look at me with his trusting eyes. He was Addie's cat and he loved her so much but he also loved me and would hang out with me all day every day when I was working on my computer, so I really felt like I was betraying him even though he had been sick over a month at this point. Even Mike was feeling very emotional about it, and he isn't even a cat person ;-).
The vet came in and talked to us and then left for a bit. When he came back he asked if we would be interested in signing over ownership of Eddie to them. As soon as he said that I burst into tears! It was such a relief!!! They would continue trying to figure out what was wrong and if they could get him better, a worker at the office who fell in love with him, would take him home. I agreed and the girl who would take him home came in and we were both crying. We hugged and I told her a little bit about Eddie and what a sweetheart he was. Such extreme lows and highs within minutes of each other! Man alive!
It has now been almost 2 weeks since we said our goodbyes to Eddie and the last update we got is that they still hadn't figured out exactly what was causing Eddie's stomach issues but that he seemed to be doing better. I really hope they can cure whatever mystery ailment he has and that he can go on to live a long cat life! We definitely miss his friendly hellos when we get home and Addie misses his constant companionship when she is creating in her room!
We felt so much love for Addie through the whole ordeal which was really a blessing too though. The day we had to say goodbye to Eddie I had posted about it on instagram and Kayley brought by a sweet little care package to help Addie through her tough time. I had turned to her for advice because she lost a cat she loved around the same age and the thoughtful things she put together were so perfect. Addie's primary teacher from church stopped by with the cutest orange cat stuffed animal and sweet card and Addie got sweet notes from her Oliverson cousins and another orange cat from Grammy. She sleeps with her new stuffed animals and I know the notes of love and support helped her so much. I have been so proud of her for talking to me about her feelings and overall she has done much better than I thought.
So, here are some of our last memories of Edster. Our sweet, crazy and handsome guy.

The final night and morning with us :-(...

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