Monday, December 12, 2016

Addie Spells Successfully and Gingerbread Houses Fail

I never knew our elementary school even did a spelling bee until I got a notification that Addie had made it and would be participating on November 30th. She was sent home a packet full of different levels of words to study (she looked through it that first night but when I asked her about it a few days later she said "I like to wing it") and some details about rules and what happens if you advance past the school round. Mike and I were under the impression that the top two kids from each class were selected but when we arrived to watch her we found out it was the top 22 in all of the 4th and 5th grade classes, so it was pretty cool she was even there. The rounds began and the first few were pretty easy (only two kids got out during those first ones and they were just silly mistakes they regretted right away which was a bummer). Then once it got into rounds 5 and 6 kids started dropping like flies. Round 7 Addie spelled equestrian for her word and then round 8 they gave her the word austere and I thought she was a goner, but she totally aced it. She told us later it was one of the words she looked at when she got her packet so she remembered it haha. It was down to only 5 kids when she got catastrophic for her word and almost had it until the end. Such a bummer. It was pretty stressful those last few rounds and we were so impressed with how well she did! Addie was mostly excited to be the first person in the family to be in the spelling bee :-).


Addie loves the orange cat Grammy gave her when she had to say goodbye to Eddie :-)
And Beauty still loves Ella more than any animal I have ever seen
The kids have been pretty worried about the fact that we will not be home for Christmas this year (for the first time ever), so we have been trying to be sure to fit in all our usual traditions. On Sunday December 4th we got out the gingerbread house kit. We are possibly the least-skilled gingerbread making family ever, so we were very relieved to see that our Costco gingerbread house was pre-assembled and all we had to do was decorate! Even with this simple requirement we were horrible haha. It lasted about 3 minutes before we just had fun with it and ate all the candy instead. Success :-).


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