Friday, December 9, 2016

Santa's Workshop and Guster

Saturday, December 3rd was a dreary, rainy day but we were still able to make the most of it. Ella had practice bright and early as usual and I was off to the elementary school with the littles to craft it up at Santa's Workshop. They had fun picking out some Christmas crafts to make and eating breakfast there before making a run for it back to the car trying to stay dry. Ella was off to a birthday party that afternoon, Addie got invited to a friend's house and Preston had fun having the house to himself for a change. I had to cancel some photo shoots because of the weather but it was nice to have a relaxing Saturday afternoon for a change! That evening Mike and I headed downtown to see Guster in concert. I LOVED them while I was in college but hadn't followed up with their newer music (or the fact that they have a 4th member now!). They played a cool little venue though and it was fun to be so close after going to mostly arena shows recently. The show was super late for us (doors didn't even open until 8pm and there was an opener (Duncan Fellows who we really liked) so it was after 10pm by the time Guster even took the stage. I wish they would have played more of their older songs (really all artists should take notes from Adele...skip the opener and play the songs everyone loves), but it was still a fun night out and they sounded great!
And, Guster time...
Mike and I noticed this weird guy wearing a crazy coat while in line outside and it was hilarious because he totally caught their eye for the same reason haha. He called him "a beacon of weirdness" but then let him sing part of the song so I guess he didn't feel too badly about it after that ;-).

(the sound was better when we moved back later)
The drummer still has crazy skills...and looks a bit crazy too haha. He was my favorite in college.

We moved back for a couple songs before leaving because it was LOUD being right at the edge of the stage. I always like to get a new perspective though and was happy to hear a song I knew really well before we called it a night.


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