Monday, December 19, 2016

Swim, Swim

The weekend of the 10th Ella had her Fall Champs swim meet. She had qualified for a special meet the following weekend in all her breaststroke events so she was not allowed to swim any at this meet which she was bummed about, but it was good to give her the chance to focus on some other strokes.
On Friday night she swam the 500 Free and had quite the cheering section! She didn't hit her goal time, but still swam a great race and finished well.
(she and Mike had a little pre-race early dinner date after school)
these two are seriously the cutest
500 Free (5th/28)
seed time: 6:16.91
this meet: 6:07.05
The next morning we were back at it and it was a rough day. Ella was pretty upset after adding on the first two events. She did drop a little on her 100 IM time, but still isn't getting what she got during summer swim on some of these races which is frustrating. The weather was pretty miserable outside as well and we were all ready to just have Saturday be over and move on. Lunch at MOD pizza after the meet helped boost everyone's spirits ;-)!
(lining up for relays)
200 Free (added - 11th/66)
seed time: 2:21.41
this meet: 2:21.70
(lane one, black cap, top of screen)
(also, heats were swum with 11-14 year olds combined, but scoring was just among 11/12's)

50 Free (added - 26th/103)
seed time: 30.32
this meet: 30.56
100 IM (5th/68)
seed time: 1:14.52
this meet: 1:13.74
(lane 6, 3rd from bottom)

How the littles survive 5 hour swim meet days between turns on the ipad...

Sunday went so much better! Her first race was the 200 IM where she was aiming for her A time (she got it in the same event during long course season but for some reason short course is just not her thing). The A time is 2:36.39 and Ella got hurts to get so close haha! But she was dropping time and looking strong so she was excited for the rest of the day!
I love watching her come from behind after the backstroke and blow away everyone's breaststroke! Someday hopefully we will get the backstroke figured out. Her breaststroke split is almost the exact same as her back which is crazy.
200 IM (4th/48)
seed time: 2:40.18
this meet: 2:36.40
(lane 5)

50 Fly (10th/53)
seed time: 33.26
this meet: 32.62 (almost back to her summer swim season time)
(lane 1 at top)

200 Fly (4th/12)
seed time: 2:46.97
this meet: 2:39.84
(lane 1 again)

The next Saturday, the 17th, was GAGS (Gulf Age Group Swimming Champs). Ella was thrilled to qualify in all the breaststroke events and in 200 fly, so even though our plane to the Dominican Republic left that evening, we made the trek to Texas A&M so she could swim at least one morning of the meet. She had a great morning and took off time in all 3 events so we were really glad we went. Plus, she got to swim in the 4x100 medley relay which she loved. There are some crazy good swimmers! Ella's times were quite good (All A times and she is super close to AA's on her breaststrokes, yet still only beat a handful of girls each time!) She showered up after and we were off to the airport!
200 Breast
seed time: 2:51.70
this meet: 2:51.08

100 Fly
seed time: 1:13.82
this meet: 1:11.23

She was in the zone for her 50 breast. I'm so glad I got a picture of her smooshing her goggles onto her's one of her pre-race rituals :-)!
50 Breast
seed time: 37.46
this meet: 36.66

Ella's relay waiting to go :-). They were Katy's B team and ended up 16th out of the 24 teams.

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