Saturday, February 4, 2017

All for Addie

This past Sunday was Addie girl's birthday so we got to celebrate with family on the actual day which is always a special treat! For her dinner she wanted an appetizer we sampled at Costco awhile back, crackers with cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, pho for the main course and brownies and ice cream for desert. Delicious and easy for me to prep...thanks Ad :-)!
She was a little tricky to shop for because she couldn't think of anything she wanted, especially with Christmas right before stocking her up on origami paper and rainbow loom bands for awhile, so she mostly got cash and gift cards that included special dates with the people who love her most. It was fun to get together with family again after our long trip and Addie definitely felt celebrated!
(this picture of the three kiddos was actually painful to get and Addie told me I ruined her birthday for making her take it haha. Luckily, she got over it and still had a good day ;-)
her candles were supposed to be sparklers


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