Friday, February 3, 2017

Reality Check

Tuesday, the 17th, we dove right back in to real life and it was a bit of a rude awakening! Instantly life was busy again and even now, nearly 3 weeks at home, I don't think I have quite accepted that this is real life :-).

Early Morning Seminary for Mike...Check
Swim Practice Shuttling...Check
Homework (especially for Ella who is just now caught up 2 weeks since coming home)...Check
Lego Class...Check
Piano Lessons...Check
Swim Meet...Check
On Saturday, the 21st, Addie had a little Katy Aquatics swim meet and did great, especially considering we had just gotten back from vacation. Since Ella missed her January meet her coach let her swim the 50 backstroke and she and Addie were actually in the same heat haha!
Addie 50 Free
lane 2 (from top)
seed time: 44.35
this meet: 42.16 (13th/36)

Both girls 50 back
Ella, lane 5
seed time: 37.43
this meet: 36.20 (2nd/22)
Addie, lane 2
seed time: 50.66
this meet: 50.29 (7th/22)

Addie, 100 breaststroke
lane 6
time: 2:11.47 (23rd/33)

Photo Shoots...Check
YW activities and lessons to prep...Check
Cleaning up after ourselves...Check
(one of the kids had opened this bag of pistachios and then put it back on the shelf in a way it looked brand new still, so when I pulled it out, wallah!)
Doctor's appointments...Check
School, school, school...Check
Preston had to make something to sell to his classmates and picked origami :-)
Sleeping amazingly in our own beds...Check
Trying to keep up with Houston bipolar winter weather...Check
Reunited with family for fun activites...Check
(we saw A Dog's Purpose which was adorable and made us all cry and want a dog. After the movie we stupidly went to the pet store to get Beauty a new collar and there was a shelter there trying to find homes for a bunch of it's dogs! Ella was begging for one and I had to walk away before crying or giving in haha!)

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