Monday, March 6, 2017

Ella's first Track Meet

So, this actually wasn't technically Ella's very first track meet. Way back in 2011 when she was almost 7 years old we had her try track during the summer with the YMCA. They practiced in the afternoons in July and it was miserable. I think we kind of ruined track for Ella by doing that although she looked adorable :-)! (old posts about it here, Here and HERE)
That was the same summer she learned to swim and clearly she enjoyed that more ;-)!
Last year in 6th grade PE they did a lot of running and Ella discovered she was actually pretty good at the longer distances and has been excited to be on the junior high track team this year. She has been practicing hurdles some (much to Mike's delight!) and mostly has been working with the distance runners. She really has just been having fun being on a team for the school. Between the workouts they do during the school day, the 1 1/2 hour track practices after school and then still doing her 2 hours of swim on top of it all I have been worried about her doing too much and eating too little, but the track season is a short one and she continues to keep up with it all.
Mike went to the meeting for track at the beginning of the season while I was running kids around to activities and they were told there are 180 kids participating in track (yikes!) and only 4 regular season meets. At every meet each school can only run 3-4 kids in each event so the coach explained that no matter what they do, some kids would not get to run in the meets. Sports here are just crazy, so we were thinking Ella would probably not be in any meets and would just go to swim practice that day and it would be fine.
Well, the week of the first meet I got a text from Ella that she was in the meet running the 2400! She was so excited and it was really fun to go cheer her on! For having never actually raced that distance she did great and came in 2nd of the 4 girls from her school (they were all at the end of the pack, the two girls who won the race were INSANE!!!). She had a lot of fun with the whole experience and is hoping she gets to go to one more before the season is over. I would love to see her trying the hurdles!
Some highlights from the evening...
the announcement of who was going to be in the meet



Mike timed her but we don't remember exactly what she got...somewhere around 11:30.00

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