Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ella's Short Course Champs and Our Proud Pie Victory

The weekend of February 17th Ella had her last short course swim meet of the season. This was awesome because first, it was in Katy so it was nice and close and family could come by easily to cheer her on, and second, because we now get to move on to long course season which Ella always does better at!
After a rough start Friday night where she added time on her 500 free instead of breaking through the 6 minute mark like she was hoping, she got her tears out and then had a good rest of her meet. Ella was excited for her relays, dropped time in every event (although not always as much as she was hoping) and killed it on her last event of the meet, 50 breast, which she was most excited about.
On Saturday after the meet was over we headed to Mod Pizza for lunch and were keeping a close eye on Proud Pie's instagram account to join in their pie race. Right at 1pm they gave the first of 3 clues to a secret location and we jumped in the car and took off! It was so fun...and so stressful!!! We were laughing the whole time and Mike was driving, safely of course, but also like a mad man :-). The final clue was the water park and as we were racing into the parking lot two other cars were coming in at exactly the same time! I jumped out before Mike parked and ran up and we got #9! They started this "amazing pie race" last month and the first 10 people to find them win a free pie! They also gave out $5 gift cards to those who barely missed the cut. We really love the restaurant and it was fun to participate in the race finally!
500 Free
Seed time: 6:07.05
this meet: 6:11.85

200 Medley Relay
(lane 2 from top, Ella goes 2nd with breaststroke)

100 Breast
seed time: 1:19.97
this meet: 1:18.58
3rd/56 (lane 1 at top)

100 Fly
seed time: 1:11.23
this meet: 1:10.15
9th/31 (lane 3 from top)

100 IM
seed time: 1:13.74
this meet: 1:12.48
13th/66 (lane 1 at top)

Our race into the finish!

200 Free Relay
(lane 3 from top, Ella goes 2nd)

200 Breast
seed time: 2:51.08
this meet: 2:49.44
6th/18 (lane 4, center)

50 Fly
(literally 10 minutes after her 200 Breast, so although she didn't hit her goal, I was impressed she dropped time at all!)
seed time: 32.62
this meet: 32.07
13th/44 (lane 8, bottom)

50 Breast
seed time: 36.66
this meet: 35.76
4th/43 (lane 6, near center)

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