Thursday, March 9, 2017

February turned to March

I love that the end of February flew by because we have some exciting events coming up in March and I am ready for them to get here already!
Addie and Preston each won the high point girl and boy respectively for their classes during Field Day and were so excited about it. It was actually the first year EVER I have not been there and I was feeling a little guilty about skipping it, but then they rocked it so maybe I was just distracting them all that time haha!
We had a super busy Saturday with Addie at a church service event (which was so adorable and she had a blast), extended family in town, swim practice for Ella, cheering on one of girls at her color guard competition and then ending the night with a date to the Alamo. Mike and I are quite proud to have reached the very top level of the Alamo's loyalty program and were invited to a special event. We had no idea what to expect and since going to 50+ movies in a year either means you are super cool or super weird we were curious to see what other people would be there ;-). We got a cool tour of the projection room, a goody bag, a gift card and we got to watch a special screening of an international film.
My friend was baking and selling King Cakes for Mardi Gras and when I mentioned to her that the only one I had ever tried wasn't very good she gave us a little one of hers. It was delicious and Ella was the lucky winner of the baby that the kids thought was creepy :-).
Preston recorded himself reading in English and Spanish for homework on my phone. The whole video was too big to transfer over (5 minutes) but here is a little sampling.

March started with a fun afternoon! Preston and I dropped Addie off at piano and picked up Ella who had just finished. We then dropped her off at swim practice and headed over to his Lego class but had 30 minutes to just wander around exploring and having fun. He was especially adorable and I couldn't stop taking videos of him :-).


all the younger siblings waiting for the swimmers to finish practice later that night
And then Friday, March 3rd, our ward had a big fundraiser dinner and auction to raise money for our girls going to camp this summer. It was our first year doing this and we were nervous about how successful it would be but I think it went better than any of us expected!
Mike took the littles to see the high school he used to teach at in the next round of the basketball playoffs (they won! but he and preston went the next day to the last game before state championship and they lost that one) and then his cousins Spencer and Sara were able to stop by for a bit. They were in the area from California and were still over when Ella and I got home so it was fun to catch up with them a bit too!


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