Saturday, March 11, 2017

Preston is a Soccer Player!

Cute Preston had been begging to play real baseball for over a year and this spring was when we were planning to finally get him signed up. But when school came back around this fall, he and his friends started playing soccer every day at recess and his dream changed ;-).
We got him signed up with a real soccer league and have just been waiting patiently for opening week to finally arrive. Preston has really enjoyed it so far, even with two long practices a week and his coach said he "shows real promise" definitely is a good sport for his endless energy!
Saturday, March 4th, was the first game and he did a great job paying attention almost the entire game ;-). He had a turn in goalie, ran all over the place and enjoyed the snacks at the end. We are excited to watch him improve as the season continues on!
(also, he was very excited to get #7 since he is 7)
displaying his focus ;-)



And just a random picture from later that day when a few of Addie's friends came over to help us with the 4th grade class project for the spring carnival at school. I let the girls have complete control and they went with a Pokemon theme. We will see if it sells!

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