Monday, March 13, 2017

Silver Group Swim Celebration

Ella's silver swim group also had a big party on Saturday March 4th (all these events were after her practice that morning and a meeting for me at the church and before a birthday party with these same kids that was a super crazy Saturday and I'm glad they usually aren't like that!). Her coach was getting married the next weekend so we were celebrating that and also the end of our short course season.
We were pretty bummed when Coach Val was once again moved when she was supposed to be Ella's coach, but we have really liked Coach Bailey. He provides a good balance of seriousness during practice but also approach-ability. The kids respect him and love him and are definitely improving under his direction. They had prepared some special musical numbers to perform for him and his fiance and there was tons of yummy food.
I enjoyed seeing the kids all dressed up and they loved hanging out, as usual. It really is a great group of kids that have become the best of friends (they spend 6-7 days a week together, so it's a good thing they like each other ;-)...when they aren't at practice or meets they are group texting). Quite a few of them will be turning 13 soon and moving on to the next group so it will be a big change coming back to practice after spring break.

The group headed to TAGS in Dallas the next weekend!

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