Wednesday, March 15, 2017

the Preston show

I feel like the majority of my photos and videos lately have been of Preston, but he is the one up to new and adorable things around here recently ;-)
On Tuesday, March 6th, I took him with me to go to the Cinco Ranch JV girls' soccer game and cheer on one of my girls from church. Although, initially disappointed he was watching girls play and not boys, I think he was quickly impressed by how good they were (and enjoyed his treat from the concession stand too).
We stayed at the game as long as we could and then hurried off to the church for the cub scout Blue and Gold banquet. Although Preston has not started quite yet, he has less than 2 months until he turns 8 and becomes an official cub crazy! He acted like a goofball when they called the incoming boys up to the front and I'm sure all his future leaders were thinking "can't wait until this kid joins our already crazy bunch!" haha! The theme of the dinner had to do with Legos and there were some of the most adorable cakes there.

Addie and Preston have been obsessed with finding frogs in our backyards in the evening. We have a couple that hang out right outside our back door, probably because the light in the house attracts all the bugs, and it makes them easy targets for these little nature lovers.

Mike and I have really focused on getting back in shape and staying in shape over the last year or so and I've been adding more runs into my working out lately. One night while Preston was in his lego class I went on a run around the nearby lake and was shocked when I ended up doing 2 miles at a sub-9 minute pace. To real runners that is laughable, but for me (who really does NOT enjoy running) it was pretty amazing ;-)!
And lastly, on Friday, the 10th, I did my last MadLab at the school with Addie (bittersweet) and at the end the lady in charge did a cool demonstration for the kids that even I enjoyed so I recorded it.

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