Monday, April 17, 2017

Florida 15th Anniversary Trip ~ Orlando

At some point in the last year Mike had the idea that we should return to Florida for our 15th anniversary and re-visit all our wedding spots. I thought it was brilliant and romantic :-)! Although our anniversary isn't until summer, it's easier for us to get away in April while the kids are in school and there is a small lull in their extra curricular activities. So my parents watched the crazies and we snuck off for a long weekend in the sunshine state!
(I didn't bring my big camera, so this is all from the phone)
We flew Spirit airlines into Orlando on April 6th to start the reminiscing and headed straight to the Orlando temple when we landed. Although we have been back to Orlando a few times with the kids to go to Disney World, neither of us had seen the temple since our wedding day so it was kind of crazy to see what we remembered when we went inside. It is a beautiful temple and the weather was much more pleasant than the hot, summer day when we got married ;-). It was fun to see the room where we were married, get to spend more time inside and just enjoy the pretty grounds outside as well.
By the time we finished up at the temple we were STARVING and it was perfect timing for dinner. On our way to the temple we passed The Melting Pot and I was thrilled! When we were poor, newly-wed college students it was a restaurant I always wanted to try. Since this trip was all about remembering where it all began, it was a perfect choice. We both really enjoyed the meal and it was fun to try something new! Also, a surprising discovery was how much we liked the apples dipped in the cheese fondue. The staff was very nice to us since it was our anniversary and even brought out a little greeting card with a hilarious picture on the front which had us cracking we re-created it ourselves :-).
Highlights of Day 1...

We had the next day to do whatever we wanted in Orlando and had decided to just play it by ear. In the end we decided to just do nothing really. We slept in, worked out, ate a yummy brunch at Keke's and then headed to the outlet mall for a little while. Then we came back to our hotel (Caribe Royale which was a pretty nice place in a good location that the kids would have loved) to relax in the sun before getting ready for dinner. We had reservations at Morton's and were looking forward to trying another new (to us) restaurant...because let's face it, our top priority on vacation is food!
While waiting in the car for the restaurant to open they started playing all kinds of amazing 90's hits on the radio. It is so crazy to me how we can remember song lyrics FOREVER! Needless to say, the time flew by, haha!

our awesome rental car had the worst horn...embarassing even for a Kia ;-)

Dinner was amazing! We once again ate way too much food and surprisingly our favorite dish was the halibut I got!
Highlights from Day 2...

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