Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our Egg-cellent Easter Weekend

We had gorgeous weather and lot of family fun Easter weekend. I think we all got a taste of the freedom of summer with the long weekend and can't wait for it to just get here now!
Friday Ella had a special date with Grammy and GreatFrog to the temple to do baptisms for the first time. I know she was nervous not knowing what to expect and it definitely helped that they were there with her. What a special memory that will be for her to have forever! They even stopped for lunch at Pappasito's after :-).
While Ella was off having her fun, we had breakfast with Scotto (who came in town last minute) and then hit the pool for the first time of the year with Kayley and her kiddos. The water was a little chilly but the kids had a blast anyway. Addie brought a rainbow loom dragon for everyone to play with and they were quite the hit. Papa had been staying with us during the week while working on a job in the area and Preston had a lot of fun with him...board games, bike rides, playing catch, etc. It was nice to have someone else helping wear him out for a change :-).

On Saturday we all went to see Boss Baby at the Alamo for lunch and then got together again for dinner and an egg hunt at my parents' house. We had Zoe's cater the meal which made it nice and easy (especially clean-up!). The kids loved making Boomerang videos with the confetti eggs! I was pretty bummed I forgot my real camera when we left the house, so the boomerangs made up for it a little ;-).



Then it was back home to color eggs and go to bed. We told Addie this year that there wasn't an Easter bunny and her reaction actually surprised me a bit. She looked at me a little knowingly and with a little thrill in her eyes to be in on the secret. She didn't ask about the tooth fairy or Santa Claus though which surprised me and proceeded the next day to tell Preston there was no Easter bunny when she was mad at him. Luckily he didn't believe her (we even overheard him telling Ella, "Can you believe Addie doesn't think there is an Easter bunny?! Who else would fill our baskets?!") and we had to have a serious talk with her about not ever doing that to Preston or anyone else in the future.
Easter morning we promised the kids (mostly Preston) that we could go downstairs at 6:30am. Everyone was excited to see what surprises were in the baskets and to hunt for the eggs. We continue to scale things back in the gift department since we are spending more on travel now. We have been really clearing out closets and cupboards this spring as well and it has been a very freeing feeling for me! The kids each got a gift card to a store they love (Target for the littles and Academy for Ella), a travel game we can take on our trips, their favorite chips and of course, lots and lots of candy.
The rest of the day was nice and relaxing and spent with just us. We went to church, had a yummy dinner and watched the Amazing Race together as well as trying out the new games.
For our 1 second video that day we were trying to get a clip of us all blowing a kiss but Preston randomly yelled out Easter instead. It was great, haha! Our 1 second video ended up being us all laughing which was more fun anyway :-)!

annnnd, Rachel is home from her mission! Hooray :-)!

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