Thursday, April 20, 2017

Preston as Steve Jobs

It was once again time for the 2nd graders to have their Living Museum where they each represent a famous person from history. This is one of my favorite projects our kids have done because they look adorable and they do all the preparation at school ;-). When going through the list of people with Preston and telling him what each person is known for, it was an easy decision for him as soon as he heard Steve Jobs and i-Pad in the same sentence haha. He did an awesome job and even got to bring the i-Pad as part of his costume so he was in heaven :-).
To think this is our last time having a child doing this is pretty crazy! I couldn't resist watching Ella as Ruby Bridges and Addie as Alma Flor Ada again. It is fun to have a little memory of each child at the exact same age!


One thing I have really loved about Preston's English teacher for him this year is that she loves electronics as much as Preston and has the students use them often. Along with the speeches they wrote, they also created a power point presentation and poster of their person. I love hearing Preston's voice during the power point (even if his facts aren't always correct) cute!


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