Sunday, April 9, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Osa and Hello to San Jose

Ok, I need to get to it and get these last two posts on our Costa Rica trip done!
Sunday, March 19th, was our travel day back to the mainland but still ended up being a fun and eventful day.
Our time at Casa Bambu had ended so quickly and we were all sad to be leaving! It meant not only saying good bye to the Osa Peninsula that we had fallen in love with, but we also knew the time to say goodbye to the entire country was just around the corner.
We had a relaxing morning on our porch and a yummy Costa Rican breakfast made for us to enjoy in our home. The scarlet macaws were especially close to the house all morning long and Addie and Preston tried to teach them to say "hola" which was really cute...and it sounded like the birds were actually trying to mimic them!
Addie's last drawing from the trip...


so excited to show us one of the fruits the macaws dropped


everyone got one last swing in the hammock
Marcos picked us up for one last ride back to Puerto Jimenez and was sure to get his howler monkey joke in a few more times on the way haha. He also spotted some teeny Toucan birds in a tree on the way there that were beautiful!
We arrived at the small "airport" and found the little room that served as the check-in. They weighed each of us with our bags and then told us they would let us know when to go out onto the runway with them. We picked out some snacks down the road at a little market, Addie and I picked out souvenirs at the little gift shop by the office and we chatted with a nice old lady from Luxembourg while waiting for the plane. Almost on schedule the workers wheeled our "checked" bags out and walked us over to our plane. No security checks, no long lines, I wish I could always use teeny airports!!!

Our plane this time was even smaller and had room for 12 passengers, although there were just 8 of us on this one. The kids loved sitting right behind the pilots and being able to see everything they were doing. It was even more fun watching the beautiful views of the harbor as we left because we were able to recognize where we went on our boat tour. We also had fun checking out the Nature Air magazines to see what other cool locations in Central America they could take us to. I have a nice little itinerary all planned out and am ready to implement anytime ;-)!


When we landed in San Jose 40 minutes later we were picked up in a van, taken out of the airport and then dropped off outside in front of the main entrance. I guess they wanted to be sure we went through security before heading anywhere else but we weren't expecting it so it made us laugh. We caught a taxi to our new hotel El Rodeo. As we pulled up the kids were SO excited! It looked super luxurious after our stay in the jungle!
The rooms were nice and spacious, they had an open-air gym that was really cool (the temperatures in San Jose were PERFECT because of the elevation), a playground and pool and the steakhouse that is on the property was really quite amazing! We got stuffed there, relaxed in our rooms taking advantage of TV and Wifi that was consistent, and played at the playground. After a bit we decided to explore and walked to a McDonalds that was nearby to get dessert. This is the first time we have EVER stopped at an American restaurant with the kids while traveling and it was actually still a cultural experience I promise :-). There were unique menu items and a super cool playground, so we justified it a bit this time, and when there ended up being nothing else in walking distance to our hotel, even went back again the next day (shhh)!
the kids' room
highlights of the day...

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