Monday, May 8, 2017

Addie's Read, Deed and Run Finale

At the beginning of the school year Addie told me she wanted to participate in the Read, Deed and Run program and I was actually pretty surprised she was interested. She definitely doesn't love running and although she reads quite a bit, definitely does it the least of our 3 kids. I assumed her good friends were doing it and that is why she decided to join as well, but it turned out that none of them were! It is amazing program though and I was really excited that she wanted to do it all on her own (HERE is an old article that talks a bit about the program).
Throughout the school year the group met twice per month after school to either run a mile together or work on a deed (at our school only 4th and 5th graders can join) and she had to do all the reading and the rest of the runs and deeds on her own to total 26 deeds, 2600 pages read, and 26.2 miles. The toughest part for Addie was definitely the running! We would go out for a slow mile and she HATED it! She complained at least half of the time we were out running, but she always finished and she never asked to quit.
Ella participated when she was in 4th grade as well (HERE are pictures from her final run) and we were proud of her for finishing, but it seemed right up her alley. Since this is not something I ever would have thought Addie would want to do I am even more proud of her for trying it and sticking with it!
Saturday morning was her final run, when all the students in the entire district come together to run the final 1.2 miles to complete their "marathon". I had missed Ella's because of photo shoots so I was really excited to go and cheer Addie on and I couldn't get over how crazy crowded it was! The program has definitely grown since Ella did it! Mike and Preston were at his soccer game and Ella had swim practice and a girls' camp prep event at the church so it was a nice little Addie date. The weather was perfect and she was so proud of her medal and happy to be done :-). Go Addie go!


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