Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ella's Induction into the National Junior Honor Society

It is so nice to not have a million shoots to edit all the time and be able to keep up with our life events more currently.
On Wednesday, May 7th, Ella had her induction into the National Junior Honor Society. We were of course proud of her for having the grades and recommendations from her teachers to be invited to join, but we also didn't know what a big deal it was at the school. Everyone skipped swim practice that night, Mike took Preston to his soccer practice and I took Ella to the high school for the ceremony. The kids were supposed to be there at 6:30pm for the 7pm ceremony and despite us arriving before 6:30pm the place was already packed. I over heard parents talking about getting there at 6pm to get good seats...craziness!
Our family had tickets to go see a special screening at the Alamo of a Turkish film, Kedi, about cats in Istanbul (it was wonderful and beautifully done by the way). We had all been excited about it for quite awhile and were super bummed when we realized it was the same night as NJHS. The movie was at 7:30pm and on film club nights at the Alamo they talk about the film a bit first so we devised a plan...Mike would take the littles and get food ordered and Ella and I would sneak out of the ceremony as soon as she walked across the stage (we were feeling thankful for a last name at the beginning of the alphabet!). The timing actually worked out perfectly and Ella and I arrived right as they were finishing the discussion. I did feel bad she missed the socializing part with her friends after but a meal at the Alamo definitely was a sufficient replacement . When we saw all the parents with flowers for their kids that night I told her that we were giving her a night at the Alamo instead...and really that is her favorite thing so it was perfect :-).
she was not excited about me taking these pics as we walked in


trying to video with one hand and take pictures with the other was tricky, so I only videoed them saying her name before focusing on pictures


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