Monday, May 1, 2017

Ending April One Year Older

The last two weeks of April flew by and I really cannot believe May is starting today! May means summer swim team and the end of the school year...two things we are really excited about at our house :-)!
There were dentist appointments, school events (including an exciting all day fieldtrip to Dallas for Ella with the yearbook class) and the rest of the usual boring yet busy activities that fill each day. BUT by the last week of April it was all about birthday celebrations for me :-)! Although turning 36 isn't a typical milestone in life, it kind of feels like one to me! I am officially closer to 40 than 30, which is bizarre, and even more mind-blowing is that it means it has been TWENTY years since I turned 16! Thinking of it in those terms really put into perspective just how old I am...and I didn't like it haha! This coming year will probably be the most adventuresome of my life yet though, so that helps me not care quite as much about the being an old lady part ;-).
highlights from the last 2 weeks...



Oh yeah! We had our first garage sale ever on the 22nd. Our neighborhood holds them twice a year and this time we participated. We cleared out SOOO much from the house, made a little extra money and then gave what was left away. It felt awesome to purge the house like that!
Addie and Preston worked hard prepping for their own little sale. Addie made rainbow loom dragons in a variety of sizes to sell and Preston sold his duplicate Pokemon cards and origami creations. They also added lemonade and packs of oreos to the table (thanks to Mike's good idea) and had so much fun making some money of their own!

Ella had to take some photos for her yearbook class and I'm glad she did because it meant we have some real photos from my birthday!


we went to see one of my girls in Mary was an impressive middle school production!
We were super lucky to have Hope in town on her real birthday, which is only a few days after mine, so we could celebrate together with a yummy gluten-free cake my mom made! Even though it was a super fast visit, it was so nice to see her and Kyler!

And my favorite part of the end of each month now is getting to have these 1-second-each-day videos to treasure. I seriously watch them over and over :)!

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