Thursday, May 4, 2017

Long Course Season and Summer Swim Begin

And so it begins! The much anticipated long-course season is officially underway after Ella's meet on the 29th. She LOVES long course and always performs much better than during the short course season for whatever reason. With this being the last few months before she moves up to the next age group she is especially excited to try and accomplish as many of her goals as possible.
We had a super crazy Saturday and as we were figuring out our plan of attack, we realized that both Mike and I would miss Ella's 100 breaststroke which we weren't ok with. In the end, I took her to the meet and got her settled in before heading downtown for some photo shoots, we had Preston skip his soccer game (as Mike said, he would rather watch Ella swim her best event than Preston climb the net of the goal during his soccer game, haha) and Mike and the littles headed to the meet in time for Ella's first event, the 200 IM. I was rushing to the meet from my shoot to try and make it for the 100 breaststroke and I literally got there seconds before her race started. I pulled up in front of the natatorium, turned on my hazard lights and ran inside, arriving just as she was getting on the blocks. My dad was able to come out for the breaststroke race as well and she got a nice solid AA time, her first as an 11/12.
Overall Ella had an awesome meet! She missed the AA time on the 200 IM and the 400 Free by less than 1 second and missed the AA on 100 Fly by only frustrating! She has plenty of chances to swim those events again though so it is a good sign of things to come. I was probably most excited about her backstroke though. She only dropped 1 second off her time from last summer but her stroke looks sooo much better. You can tell she is really focusing on what she is doing, which makes her tempo a little slower, but if she keeps it up and gets more comfortable with it she will start going faster. She has always wanted to be a good IMer but that darn backstroke always kills her time, so I hope she can keep it up!
(this meet was mostly for the swimmers to get their IMX times completed, which is how they are ranked amongst other swimmers. for 11/12's they get a score based on the 5 events below. They didn't get ribbons at this meet and they didn't split them by ages, so for example, Ella got 3rd on 100 breast but the two girls who beat her were 16 and 13)

200 IM
seed time: 2:57.15
this meet: 2:49.89

100 breast
seed time: 1:32.03
this meet: 1:28.00

400 free
seed time: 5:34.92
this meet: 5:15.99

100 back
seed time: 1:30.96
this meet: 1:29.56

(I took this to show Ella that she wasn't bouncy!!!)

100 fly
seed time: 1:21.96
this meet: 1:17.02

And then it was May 1st which means the beginning of summer swim season! We are all still feeling pretty excited about it at this point :-). Plus, this means that the school year is almost over, so it is a double bonus! Addie has been looking forward to showing off her improved swim skills and endurance after spending most the school year practicing twice a week, Preston has been excited to play on the playground during Addie's practices (he could care less about the actual swimming part), and Ella is just along for the ride since we all have to be there anyway. It is nice for her to just swim purely for fun though. Here is to a fun, and hot, two months at the Creekstone pool :-).

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