Sunday, May 21, 2017

Preston is 8!!!

I still cannot believe that Preston is 8! It just sounds so much older than 7...officially big kid territory!
It was quite an eventful for year for him as he experienced new adventures, learned new skills and lost all his front teeth :-).
height: 52.5 in (82nd%)
weight: 57.8 lbs (54th%)
It was Preston's first year taking piano lessons and he absolutely loved it! He would come home from his lessons and immediately go practice his new songs which was so adorable. That doesn't mean he sat still and listened during those lessons ;-) but Mrs. Clarke was very patient with him and I think his excitement over his improvements shone through his craziness. It was also Preston's first year playing soccer and he improved tremendously during the season, also thanks to a patient teacher. There were practices where Preston didn't pay attention and just goofed off but there were practices where he really focused on the drills they were doing and his coach was very complimentary to his natural ability and how far he has come in one season.
2nd grade had it's ups and downs but overall was a good year. Preston's Spanish improved a lot and he discovered that math is his thing. It comes naturally to him and he loves it! The writing and hand-writing skills need to be practiced still :-). I did see Preston's love of reading grow this year which made my heart happy. He reads 4 or 5 different books at a time, which I don't understand, but I can hardly get frustrated by a messy room if it's because different books are lying all around the floor (legos however are another story!).
He definitely loves legos still and continued with his lego building class all during the school year. He got to incorporate controlling his creations via computer which was an exciting new element. But there was a new love in his life that topped legos and minecraft and anything else he was interested in...Pokemon. For Preston and Addie almost everything revolved around Pokemon the last year...that's all they choose to watch on TV, they collect the cards, they make up board games and games outside, they draw the characters, and Preston only ever wants to wear Pokemon shirts when he picks out his clothes. I still don't understand them, but it's fun for the two of them to share it together.
We traveled quite a bit during the last year of Preston's life and he got to experience some amazing adventures for how young he is! He swam with sea lions and followed iguanas in the Galapagos, rode a natural waterslide in the Amazon, helped save sea turtles in Mexico, went on his 2nd cruise (he LOOOOVED it!), practiced his snorkeling in the Dominican Republic, and stayed a week in the jungle of Costa Rica surrounded by monkeys, macaws and hermit crabs. Preston's enthusiasm and pure joy during these moments is so fun to be a part of and is contagious to the rest of us. He is definitely the ray of sunshine in our family and our most adventuresome spirit!
One of the highlights of his year was a special trip with just Mike to Chicago to see the Cubs play their first World Series game in over 70 years. He still talks about it and really loved his special time with dad!
Preston is still our chatterbox for sure! He can talk non-stop about anything for hours. He loves being with people, he loves to cuddle, he loves to laugh (with his cute little dimple) and make others laugh and he loves to play games. He can be very argumentative and whiny but just as he is getting on my last nerve, will turn around and give me a hug and tell me he loves me. Of all our kids he definitely gives his love the most freely.
He loves waffles with peanut butter and a cup of orange juice for breakfast, peanut butter/honey or ham/cheese sandwiches for lunch and pizza is his favorite dinner. He also loves tacos, cheese enchiladas, bacon cheeseburgers, cherries, chicken fajitas and french fries. He loves soda the most of our kids too and he loves to mix multiple flavors, gross us all out and declare it is delicious :-).
His favorite books are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Pokemon indexes and most recently he has started the Warriors series that Addie loves (about cats). He likes to write his own comic strips, make cool lego creations and create board games. He has a hermit crab named Hermit and still needs his "white blank" to sleep at night. AND he LOVES music! Listening to him sing along to songs in the car is my favorite! He was lucky enough to go to his first concert this fall, Adele, and just this week asked me what my favorite Taylor Swift song is because his is Bad Blood :-).
We sure love our Prest, our crazy monk, our Prestonian. He is the cutest and most squishable and I can't believe how fast he is growing up!
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