Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ella's first AAA time!

We arrived home from girls camp Friday afternoon, got Ella some lunch, had her rest a bit (there was not a lot of sleep that last night of camp) and then had to leave for her important gulf swim meet a couple hours later. I was already nervous about her going into this meet with a lack of sleep and that was before we knew she would also be dealing with stitches in her finger, so I was feeling anxious :-). There were just two races that first night and we knew she would have the chance to swim them both again in July, so I told her to just do her best and see how it went. She was feeling very very nervous about her finger before getting in the water for warm-ups but luckily discovered that it didn't bother her too much. She had a good first night and we all were put at ease a bit about the rest of the weekend. Overall it was an excellent meet for Ella! She dropped a lot of time on every event, got within 0.78 of the TAGS time for 100 fly (she got close on others as well, but that was the closest one) AND got her very first AAA time on the 400 IM. That was an emotional moment for me! Such a big accomplishment for her and my parents and grandma were able to be there for it which made it even more special. Now Ella has one more chance at each of her races to clinch those TAGS times. It should be an exciting and stressful next few weeks :-)!
200 IM LCM
seed time: 2:49.58
this meet: 2:46.19 (5th/57)

200 Free LCM
seed time: 2:28.76
this meet: 2:24.97 (5th/60)
(lane 7, 2nd from top)

100 back LCM
seed time: 1:29.56
this meet: 1:23.42 (20th/91)
(lane 5, middle)

50 fly LCM
seed time: 44.57 (from 2 years ago!)
this meet: 33.81 (5th/89)
(lane 4, middle)

400 IM LCM
seed time: 5:49.95
this meet: 5:44.98 (1st/1 haha)
(she was the ONLY one signed up for this event, which meant gauranteed 1st haha, but also makes it harder to really push yourself so we were thrilled when she got the AAA still!!!)
50 back LCM
seed time: 47.97 (from 2 years ago)
this meet: 38.97 (18th/96)
(lane 5, middle)

100 fly
seed time: 1:17.02
this meet: 1:13.47 (3rd/56)
(lane 6, 3rd from top)

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