Sunday, June 11, 2017

Swim Meet Wrap-Up!

Summer swim meet season is in full swing over here! Last weekend while I was in Utah not only did Mike manage the summer meet for all 3 kids on his own, he also got Ella up to a big Katy Aquatics meet in the Woodlands Friday night and ALL day Sunday as well. The kids did well for Creekstone (especially miss Adeline!) and Ella overall performed well at the Woodlands. She was really, really hoping for her TAGS time on 200 Fly so she was disappointed that she didn't quite get it, but she did get a medal in that event with her 3rd place finish which was really exciting still. She made it to finals in all her events still has another month or so to get those tags times, so we are still hopeful for her!
Yesterday we had our 2nd summer meet and the kids did great again and had a lot of fun. The morning started out with absolutely perfect weather and then got roasty toasty by the time we left. My family was able to come out and cheer on the kiddos and we celebrated surviving another summer meet with lunch at Saltgrass afterward. It was a nice Saturday!
Ella - 400 Free LCM
seed time: 5:15.99
this meet: 5:12.69
SATURDAY, June 3rd meet!
seed time: 27.41
this meet: 29.00

Addie - Free
seed time: 19.43
this meet: 19.02

Ella - Free
seed time: 30.04 (best time KA 28.05)
this meet: 28.99
Preston - Back
seed time: 31.41
this meet: 42.00
Addie - Back
seed time: 23.21
this meet: 21.23
Ella - Back
seed time: 37.01 (best time KA 36.20)
this meet: 35.35
Addie - IM
seed time: 2:19.76
this meet: 1:50.40
Ella - IM
seed time: 1:12.48
this meet: 1:12.74
Preston - Breast
seed time: 41.69
this meet: 43.55
Addie - Breast
seed time: 28.33
this meet: 26.22
Ella - Breast
seed time: 39.03 (best time KA 35.76)
this meet: 37.51
Preston - Fly
seed time: 47.49
this meet: 41.7
Addie - Fly
seed time: 24.62
this meet: 23.83
Ella - Fly
seed time: 33.95 (best time KA 32.07)
this meet: 32.54
200 Fly LCM, prelims
seed time: 2:46.86
this meet: 2:48.59

200 Fly, finals: 2:47.40

50 Breast LCM, prelims
seed time: 40.69
this meet: 40.59

50 Breast finals: 41.44
200 IM LCM, prelims
seed time: 2:49.89
this meet: 2:50.19
200 IM finals: 2:49.58
SATURDAY, June 10th meet!
the freestyle relays were first and I don't usually post the videos but Addie killed it on her leg so I had to...if she would just do this in her own race too ;-)!

Preston - Free
(he was just sitting on the ready bench as the race started and finally jumped in really late, so who knows what his actual time was :-) and I didn't record the rest of it once I realized what was happening)
seed time: 27.41
this meet: 37.06
Addie - Free
seed time: 19.02
this meet: 19.45

Ella - Free
seed time: 28.99
this meet: 28.78

Preston - Back
seed time: 31.41
this meet: 37.00

Addie - Back
seed time: 21.23
this meet: 22.36

Ella - Back
seed time: 35.35
this meet: 34.98

Addie - IM
seed time: 1:50.40
this meet: 1:53.28

Ella - IM
seed time: 1:12.74
this meet: 1:11.71

Preston - Breast
seed time: 41.69
this meet: 36.42

Addie - Breast
seed time: 26.22
this meet: 26.34
(so Preston was the last heat of breast and Addie was in the 1st so they were back-to-back which totally threw me off and I completely missed her race :-(! she even ended up getting 3rd in that first heat!!!)
Ella - Breast
seed time: 37.51
this meet: 37.81

Addie - Fly
seed time: 23.83
this meet: 24.83

Ella - Fly
seed time: 32.54
this meet: 33.36

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