Friday, July 7, 2017

All Stars Meet 2017

The All Stars Meet for summer swim was on June 30th this year, so we went out for a nice lunch celebrating Mike's birthday and then came home ready to focus on Ella. Her main goals for the meet were to break the all-time breaststroke record, medal in backstroke and get 1st on the IM. It was an amazing night of swimming for Ella! She ended up accomplishing all her goals and coming away with 3 1st place finishes, a 2nd place and a 7th on backstroke. When we think back to her past all star experiences, and even to last year where she got 10th on freestyle and last place backstroke, it is really amazing to see her growth. Her big, important meet for Katy Aquatics starts to today where she will be trying to get all the TAGS times she is sooo close to and I think All Stars was a great confidence boost for her heading into this weekend. We are so proud of her hard work and dedication. It has been a fun journey to be a part of!
(past All Stars here: 2016, 2015, and 2013)
Ella with Caroline and Gracelyn, her friends from Katy Aquatics who we knew she would be racing hard against (the three of them got 1st, 2nd and 3rd in almost every race). It is so fun to see them try to beat one another in the races and then laugh and have fun in between.
All the Creekstone swimmers who made it to All-Stars.
Mike was timing the whole time so he was able to give Ella little pep talks before her races :-).
100 IM
seed time: 1:08.47
this meet: 1:07.08, 1st place
(the all-time record is 1:06.56 and the 2nd was 1:07.49, so Ella will now be 2nd in the top 10 records!)

Creekstone Crocs friends...Emma, who came to cheer everyone on, and Abby
50 Free
seed time: 27.86
this meet: 27.57, 1st place
(8th best ever at All-Stars)

A friend got this picture of Caroline, Ella and Gracelyn while they waited for the next race.
50 Back
seed time: 33.95
this meet: 33.90, 7th place

I can hardly watch this next one because Ella was so broken-hearted over it even though she swam amazingly. The all-time record was 35.58 and we knew Ella could beat it. She swam a 35.76 in February with Katy Aquatics at the end of short course season, but hadn't been able to get close to that during summer swim, in fact most of her times were in the 37's. She had been feeling discouraged during the month that she just couldn't sprint breaststroke anymore although she dropped her time to a 36.62 at meet of champs. All day leading up to the meet she was focused on beating that record. Ella and her friend Gracelyn are both strong breaststrokers and the race was so close the entire time. They both crush the all time record but Gracelyn's reach at the end passed Ella's and Ella ended up getting 2nd by 0.07 seconds. As I watched the race end and looked up to see who had touched first I had such mixed excited that Ella had SPRINTED that breaststroke and gotten a 34, but then instantly crushed knowing how upset she would be that she doesn't get that top spot on the records list. She was in tears after, but thankfully was able to re-focus again before her last race. We think this experience will help her in getting her TAGS times this weekend as well because she definitely doesn't want to relive this experience.
50 Breast
seed time: 36.62
this meet: 34.95, 2nd place
(all-time best was 35.58! she will have the 2nd top time)

Mike getting her pumped for her last race
50 Fly
seed time: 31.05
this meet: 30.49, 1st place
(7th on the all time list...5th and 6th are both 30.47, so she was nearly 4th :-)

Creekstone ended up 8th in the meet, largely in due to Ella! She scored 44 of their 93 points. It was overall an amazing night for her and so fun to watch!

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