Monday, July 24, 2017

Long Course Champs...2 More TAGs!

It isn't often that we have two big swim meets in a row, but this champs meet was for swimmers not qualified for the Gags meet the weekend before and we wanted Ella to swim her backstroke events one more time before she ages up next month. We also had tried to be strategic about these meets, having her not swim 50 free or 100 free for awhile because you are only allowed 7 events at most meets and she was already maxed out at Gags. She had barely missed the times on these 2 freestyle events which meant she could still get a chance to swim them again at the champs meet. So her main focus was doing well on the freestyles and just trying to improve her 3 backstroke times.
I was still having a lot of anxiety about what was going to happen with her 50 breaststroke race that she didn't get to swim at the Gags meet! I was able to not think about it too much while we were on our little Mexico getaway, but as soon as we were back in Houston driving home I felt super stressed again. I just didn't want Ella to be robbed of the chance she had earned to get that Tags time. It wasn't really clear until we were at this Champs meet how they were going to handle it, but it turned out that Saturday night after all the finals were done they decided to have a time trial for those kids that didn't get to swim their final. Hallelujah!
Friday of the meet was easy peasy because she only could swim the 100 back. She got her A time (that is BIG news for Ella on backstroke!) and actually made the B final, but we scratched it so Mike and I could go to the concert and she could be more rested for the next day.
Saturday was 200 back where she got another A time and actually placed 3rd! We were all laughing about that :-)! Ella got first on 50 free and was pumped for that final (we scratched backstroke) and I was excited for her to have a race before the time trial to help get her in the zone for 50 breast.
I could hardly breathe when the time trial was about to start. I KNEW she could get the time but having one shot at it is soooo stressful. Luckily she KILLED it! She almost broke through 38 seconds...that's amazing in a long course pool! (she missed it on the 50 free, but still did great and barely missed breaking through 30 seconds on that one).
Sunday was 50 back (she actually added a little on that one) and then 100 free. Ella dropped time on 100 free but still had almost 1.5 seconds left to go to get to the Tags time during finals. Another swimmer who actually shouldn't have been swimming in this meet because she had the Gags time coming in beat Ella in the prelims which meant Ella would have good competition in the finals. So, in this instance I was thankful for her breaking the rules because I knew it was going to help Ella in the end ;-). Ella came into finals ready to race her heart out for this last chance at a Tags time...and she got it! She said she couldn't feel her legs after haha! Her big drops also helped qualify all 4 relays for Tags which was exciting because we didn't know if we were going to get to have them this year and the kids love them!
I don't know what has happened to Ella over the last 2 months, but it has been amazing to watch! Just 2 months ago we were so thrilled when she was getting all her AA times and now she has AAA times in every distance of every stroke except that darn backstroke. That is a huge deal!!! She has a full Tags schedule and we can't wait for this fun experience for her!!!
100 back
seed time: 1:23.42
this meet: 1:22.00
(lane 6, 3rd from top)

200 back
seed time: 3:09.94
this meet: 2:54.07
(lane 8, very top)

50 Free - prelims
seed time: 31.64
this race: 30.20
200 medley relay

50 free - finals
seed: 30.20
this race: 30.06
(lane 4, middle)

50 breast time trial
seed time: 38.77
this race: 38.01
Ella and the boy next to her actually get the exact same time and both get Tags which was fun!
(lane 5, purple cap)

50 back
seed time: 38.97
this meet: 39.06
100 free - prelims
seed time: 1:08.99
this race: 1:06.31

200 free relay

100 free final
seed time: 1:06.3
this race: 1:05.09
(lane 5, purple cap in middle)


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