Sunday, July 16, 2017

Our Rainy Introduction to Yelapa, Mexico

Earlier this summer Mike and I planned a last minute adventure when we thought one of our favorite babysitters would be home for awhile making money before heading to college. Turns out she got engaged, so we were left scrambling to figure out what to do with the kids :-). But it all worked out! A sweet girl from church stayed at our house with the kids and then they each took a turn going to stay at my parents by themselves. We were gone 3 nights so that worked out perfectly and they all had so much fun, both at my parents' and with Madie.
With Southwest airlines now offering so many international stops, it is easy to get a cheap, quick and direct flight from Houston to a cool city. We decided to fly to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and were excited to experience Mexico as an actual destination and not just a cruise stop. As we started looking at where we wanted to stay while there it quickly became apparent that it was mostly resorts and large hotels and even though just lounging on the beach sounded perfect, we would ideally be doing that not surrounded by a thousand other people. At some point in my research I came across the little town of Yelapa, south of Puerto Vallarta. As soon as I read it was only accessible by boat I was sold :-)! That is just what I had in mind! With the town picked I turned to my trusty Trip Advisor and started looking for a hotel (there aren't many there). A few were closed since it is low season, but when I found MiraMar it seemed the perfect fit, not to mention an incredible deal!
We got the hotel booked, I arranged a tour through the hotel owners for one of the days we would be there, and then life got crazy and we didn't think much about the trip. So, when it suddenly was time for us to leave I couldn't believe it! Luckily packing was easy...a swim suit, travel clothes and something to wear to dinner at night was really all we needed. We brought one small suitcase for both of us and were set!
Monday, July 13th, we flew out of Houston at 11:30am and landed in Puerto Vallarta at easy! There isn't even a time change! The owners of the hotel had explained how to get there so we hopped in a taxi to the pier and then got on a water taxi for the 35 minute boat ride to Yelapa.
Although it was sunny as could be in PV, as we got closer to Yelapa the sky was getting darker and right as we were coming into their bay it started pouring. It continued to pour as we made the walk to our hotel for the first time (they had someone meet us at the pier to help with our bags) and most the rest of the evening. We hung out in our room a bit and then walked to dinner in the rain but by the time we were done eating it had stopped, allowing us some time to explore the town.
Our dinner was at a teeny little restaurant, the only one open that first night due to the rain and it being low season, and it was delicious! (I was a little nervous we may end up sick from the veggies in our tacos and the fresh guava juice I ordered, but we were fine!)
Yelapa reminded us of a Mexican version of the Cinque Terre in Italy. Since it is only accessible by boat there are no cars, just little, windy cobblestone paths all over the mountainside between the homes and shops. There were only a handful of other tourists staying in the town which was so nice because I felt like we really got a sense of what it was like there. It was also beautiful! Very lush and green with huge fruit trees and all kinds of tropical flowers growing everywhere.
We were really excited to be leaving these crowded beaches behind!



while eating dinner we noticed this little ice cream shop and it was actually really good! I LOVED the blackberry

everywhere we looked there were mangoes, avocados, etc. heavenly!

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